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As the Apex Legends Global Series nears its end, roster moves are still happening for teams hoping to qualify for the next London LAN. In a surprise reemergence, Jaeden "Caprah" Valle has joined Team SCS. This will be Caprah’s first time back in professional Apex Legends since he missed the Split 1 Playoffs LAN in London back in February.

Team SCS

Team SCS is an orgless team that is composed of former Sentinel player, Nicholas "Crust" Kell and ALGS newcomer Slayr. Crust has had a storied history in professional Apex Legends, playing for teams such as Immortals, eUnited, and most recently Sentinels.

He was teammates with Trenton “Lou” Clements and Adam “Senoxe” Lau. This Sentinels rosters dissolved after the exit of Lou earlier in the year and caused Crust and Senoxe to part ways as well.

Caprah’s Return

The biggest surprise to this roster is the addition of Caprah, who made a big splash when he first entered the scene. He’s an extremely gifted mechanical player who still uses mouse and keyboard despite most professional Apex Players moving to controllers.

Caprah was part of Team Esports Arena in 2022 and took 4th place in the ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Pro League in North America which earned the team a spot at the London LAN in February earlier this year.

But when screenshots of his behavior and toxic language towards another pro player on Discord were shared publicly, he was excluded from participating in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London. At the time, it seemed unlikely he would even participate in the Apex Pro League Split 2, but now with 3 matches left to go plus the finals, he joins Team SCS.

The likelihood of this team going further than the Pro Leagues is slim as they currently sit at 24th place out of 30 with 23 points. But, as an orgless team this does give Caprah time to shine and potentially get poached by a bigger organization if they can look past his recent issues.

When and where to watch the ALGS Pro League

The NA ALGS Pro League returns April 23rd with the last matches on 29th and 30th. The finals will take place on May 7th. Tune in on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube Channel. And for all your questions about how the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League works, check out our summary here.