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There’s nothing like showing the pride and passion you have for a video game or character like dressing up as them. Cosplay has long been a staple of every fandom in the nerd world and Apex Legends is no different. Check out and don’t forget to follow these five legendary Apex Legends cosplayers!

Pockyy Neko Cosplay as Valkyrie

It’s always a genuine pleasure and mind boggling feat to see an artist create such a complex and detailed costume as Valkyrie’s. Pockyy Neko Cosplay does a phenomenal job of capturing every little piece of the Azure Blessing Valkyrie skin. If you look around her Instagram you’ll find close-ups of all the different parts from the armor to the jetpack itself. Adding in the Suzaku’s Fang Heirloom Spear was a perfect final touch.

Denshimyr as Mirage

Some characters are just made for some cosplayers and when the costume is on, the character is alive. Denshimyr encompasses everything about the Bamboozler in just a single picture. From the perfect hairdo to the swagger and spot-on finger guns. The only thing missing to make it unbelievable would be the Duplicate itself. Denshimyr doesn’t happen to have a twin does he?

Daisosocks as Wraith

We don’t need a voice inside our heads to tell us how cool this cosplay from Daisosocks is. Wraith is mysterious, cool, and someone you do not want to mess with in the Apex Legends arena. Daisosocks nails every aspect of this cosplay from the color selection, the heirloom Kunai, a Wingman replica (that every Wraith seems to be running), and the perfect white eyes to bring the whole thing full circle.

Little Jem as Horizon

Sometimes cosplayers find a character that seems to be made just for them. Little Jem’s Horizon looks like she stepped into a spatial anomaly and out of our screens into the real world. Every little detail of Horizon’s armor seems meticulously crafted from the head to the toes and including her ultimate ability contraption, Newtie. She even nails the demeanor of a genius who maintains her curiosity of the world and beyond.

M4STIFF as Loba

This cosplay from M4STIFF of translocating-thief Loba Andrade is turning everyone’s head, not just Valkyrie's. But what is most impressive about it is that she claims to have made it all from scratch! The talents (and wardrobe) of a top tier cosplayer are nothing to sneeze at. Though perhaps with an ultimate like the Black Market it’s a bit easier for M4STIFF. But the costume isn’t the only thing that brings a good Loba Cosplay together so we have to also compliment this femme fatale on her braid work and make-up as well.