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Apex Legends Crafting Replicators Get Season 20 Overhaul

Crafting Replicators will never be the same in Apex Legends Season 20, here's how they're changing for the better.

Apex Legends Makes Big Changes to Crafting Replicators in Season 20 Breakout

  • Crafting Replicators in Apex Legends are going through a major rework that will remove all weapons and attachments from their daily and weekly rotations.
  • Crafting Materials are being removed in Season 20 and Replicators will have no cost associated with them, but will only be usable one time per player.
  • The Replicators will be nearly instant and can be used to provide squads with healing consumables or respawn banners.

Major changes are coming to Apex Legends in Season 20 that are changing the fundamental experience of the battle royale. Among those changes is the new Legend Upgrade System, a revamp of how Evo Armor works and even the Crafting Replicators are undergoing major changes. Here is everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Crafting Replicator Changes in Breakout Season 20.

The replicators' crafting menu has been heavily pruned down in Season 20.

The replicators' crafting menu has been heavily pruned down in Season 20.

Crafting is Being Streamlined in Apex Legends

The changes to the Crafting Replictors come as Respawn is looking to streamline the core experience of the battle royale. Originally, Crafting Replicators was added as a way to add a new element of strategy to the game and to help clean up the expanding and overcrowding ground loot pool.

But with the new Season 20 changes to Evo armor and them being removed from ground loot, it has given Respawn a chance to rework and overhaul crafting.

For some players, Crafting Replicators may not have been a necessity and were just something helpful to have when you needed extra batteries or could use an armor upgrade. But for other players, certain days made it seem like spending a round or two at the Crafting Replicator was crucial.

On days when the Tier 3 Purple Helmet, Tier 3 Backpack, and two Tier 3 Purple attachments were in the Crafting Replicator, players would need north of 100-150 crafting materials to grab everything they wanted.

Season 20 is changing that and turning Crafting Replicators into a reliable source of healing items, and that is it. Something players can grab on their way to their next rotation without as much risk of being attacked while they craft.

Crafting Replicators are getting a lot simpler in Apex Legends Season 20.

Crafting Replicators are getting a lot simpler in Apex Legends Season 20.

Apex Crafting Replicator Changes

Here are all the changes coming to the Crafting Replicators at a glance.

  • Crafting Materials are being removed. Material Bins will be removed and players will not receive materials from opening loot bins.
  • Players can use each Crafting Replicator one time per match.
  • There is no cost to craft an item at a Crafting Replicator.
  • The speed at which the item is crafted is nearly instant.
  • The items inside the Crafting Replicator are limited to healing items such as Medkits and Shields Batteries, Ammo, and Respawn Banners if you’re squad mates have been killed and timed out.

The Developers want players to get into the action more quickly and only use Crafting Replicators as a way to stock up on healing items if they need them. Crafting Replicators will play an important role for Support Legends who need to get expired teammates Respawn Banners, and teams with a Support Legend will still have this option as well.

For more information on the changes coming to Apex Legends Season 20, check out our breakdown of the full patch notes for Breakout.