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Who Can Beat Sentinels? VCT Masters Madrid Power Rankings

Here is how Esports Illustrated ranks all eight teams competing at VCT Masters Madrid to kickoff the VCT 2024 season.
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VCT Masters Madrid is underway as the four major regions have their top two teams competing at the first international tournament of 2024. Yet, what makes VCT Masters Madrid different than any other international tournament before it is the various mix of different types of teams competing at the event. From international tournament staples like Paper Rex to rising newcomers like Karmine Corp, VCT Madrid has already showcased a nice mix of teams either looking to prove themselves or stay atop the international circuit.

Here is the list of all the eight teams competing at VCT Masters Madrid and where they rank amongst each other.


VALORANT Masters Madrid has already kicked off as the top eight teams all are looking to be crowned the first World Champion of 2024. The inaugural global event of the 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour will take place at the illustrious Madrid Arena from March 14-24. 

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