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Disguised Toast Signs Apex Legends Team Competing in ALGS Championship

Disguised Toast has expanded his influencer-driven esports organization and signed an Apex Legends team ahead of the ALGS Championship

Looks like Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang is entering yet another esports scene, this time picking up an Apex Legends roster.

Disguised Toast started off as a streamer but has since ventured into the intense world of esports. After having a few failing VALORANT teams, Disguised Toast dominated the NACL 2023 Championship. Now that he’s back in the swing of things, Disguised Toast has decided to pursue Apex Legends just in time for the ALGS 2023 Championship.

Disguised Toast Hoping to Win ALGS Championship with New Team

Some Apex Legends squads that qualified for the ALGS Championship were free agents but Disguised Toast decided to sign one of them today. Disguised Toast just picked up Dude’s Night Out, which consists of lou, senoxe, and duplex.

Dude’s Night Out is a talented team that qualified for the Championship after going through the Last Chance Qualifiers. The North American team placed second, but was planning to go into the ALGS Championship unsigned despite the trio’s long history in the scene.

Before becoming free agents, senoxe and lou were teammates on Sentinels’ roster. Before that, lou also played for CLG and Complexity. dooplex started playing with OpTic Gaming in 2021.

“My new strategy in esports is simply signing players already competing in the World Finals so it saves me six months of stress,” Disguised Toast joked on Twitter.

It’s honestly not a bad plan. After his VALORANT teams failed to qualify for anything, it’s most likely quite the relief that his Apex Legends squad is already scrimming for the ALGS Championship.

Of course, this doesn’t mean his team will come out with a victory. Dude’s Night Out qualified through the Last Chance Qualifier and have some massive orgs to get through if they want to prove themselves. This includes OpTic Gaming, Sentinels, 100 Thieves, Moist Esports, and other familiar orgs.

Disguised will start their ALGS Championship run on September 6, when the tournament kicks off in Birmingham, UK. Here is all you need to know about watching this epic Apex Legends showcase.

For now, Apex Legends pros, streamers, and fans alike are congratulating Disguised Toast on his move, welcoming him into the Apex Legends esports scene. There will most likely be a lot of exciting Apex content coming to his community, which will pop up on Twitch and YouTube.