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In Apex Legends is it better to use Mouse & Keyboard or Controller?

  • The debate has reignited in the Apex Legends community as professional player Mac "Albralelie" Beckwith has said he plans to switch to controller from mouse and keyboard.
  • The top 25 players across all platforms have 1 player currently using mouse and keyboard according to
  • With Season 17 of Apex Legend launching, some controller players have found themselves without aim assist.

The debate of mouse and keyboard versus controller has raged for as long as gamers have been playing on PCs, but the debate has reignited in Apex Legends. This comes off the back of professional Apex Legends player Albralelie posting on Twitter that he would finally be making the switch from mouse and keyboard to controller.

Apex Pros Prefer Controller

Albralelie isn’t the only professional player to switch to controller. Last year Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen, known as the CEO of Apex and perhaps one of the most recognizable names in the professional Apex Legends community and the streaming scene, also made the switch to controller.

When it comes to Apex Legends, does this mean that the controller is better than mouse and keyboard? The argument has always been that you can be more precise with a mouse and the full movement of your arm compared to the two sticks on a controller. But when you factor in aim assist, that equation changes.

Albralelie faced a bit of criticism and speculation over his switch that his loss in the ALGS Pro League is what caused him to swap. In a follow-up tweet he clarified that keeping up with aim assist on a mouse and keyboard is just too much work and it’s not worth the effort if you can just switch.

On his twitch stream he even said that, “I’m at a natural disadvantage whenever I peek in on anybody.”

Is the Controller Aim Assist That Good?

When it comes to controller aim assist compared to mouse and keyboard, if you’re playing on a console you have an aim assist modifier of .6 and if you’re on PC with controller that value is reduced to .4. As for if that really makes it better than mouse and keyboard, there are a lot more variables that go into it.

A player's skill is still going to play a very big role in their level of success. There are still pros who don’t think the issue with pro players is whether they’re playing controller or mouse and keyboard. Moist Esports’ Ben "Wxltzy" Walton commented on the Albralelie situation saying that “swapping isn’t gonna make up for their pre existing issues,” and “This stigma you and others push about needing to swap to keep up is bricked and a cop out for lack of success.”

But it’s hard to argue that mouse and keyboard are superior when so many professional Apex Players are switching. Although there are still those who are finding success staying on mouse and keyboard.

100 Thieves’ Alan "Vaxlon" Gonzalez responded to Albralelie’s swapping with a humorous jab that he’s slowly making his way to being number one with mouse and keyboard.

What is a Controller without Aim Assist?

Back in Season 11: Escape of Apex Legends there was a bug that turned off aim assist for controller players and hell broke loose. It was quickly rectified, but we may be looking at a similar issue right now with Season 17: Arsenal.

According to Thordan Smash, pros have recently noticed in the battle royale that some controller players don’t have the aim assist they’re used to. Apex Legends has yet to respond to this along with other complaints from the community on changes made during Season 17.

Whether or not the developers of Apex Legends will ever weigh in further or make any changes to aim assist is unknown, but the changes are slim even as pro after pro makes the swap to controller. Which is better between controller and mouse and keyboard? It will likely always be up for debate, so you’ll have to make that choice yourself.