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Revenant Pick Rate Increases by Over 98% After Rework in Season 18

The new reword for Revenant has drastically improved the character's pick rate in Season 18

Despite not adding a new legend in Season 18, it looks like the changes to the roster have led to the most drastic change in pick rate in Apex Legends history.

Revenant has always been seen as a badass villain in Apex Legends lore. His story as a robotic killing machine that has killed off Loba’s parents has created the most intense part of the game’s backstory, with many wondering how Loba will finally get revenge on the dangerous metal hitman.

Even though fans love his story, however, Revenant has always been seen as very underwhelming in the gameplay itself. In fact, he has consistently been one of the lowest-picked legends since he didn’t have a lot of impact on the current meta.

To combat this, Apex Legends developers decided to do a major rework of the sinister legend. This included changing all of his abilities completely, giving him a focus on hunting and mobility. With his new ability to stalk weakened opponents and then aggressively hunt them down, Revenant has become a favorite legend on the roster.

Revenant Reborn Is Now the Most-Picked Legend in Apex Legends

Apex Legends pick rates

It’s been a week since Season 18 was released and it looks like players have decided that Revenant is a worthy addition to their team.

It’s obviously quite normal for new legends to see a high pick rate as players start testing them out. But Revenant’s pick rate is far and beyond the usual pattern the game has seen the last few years.

Revenant currently has a pick rate of 16.4%, according to Apex Legends Status. This is an increase of over 98%.

The next-picked legend is Octane at only 8%. This means Revenant is picked more than double of the next-most popular legend. This is followed by Pathfinder, another mobile legend, at 8.2%.

It’s clear that mobility is highly favored in Apex Legends right now, most likely due to the competitive changes in Season 18. The ring damage has increased and the ability to stay within the safe zone in a viable area is the best way to climb up the competitive ranks.

Is Revenant Top Tier Now?

This is still up for debate.

Revenant is definitely better than before. But the drastic pick rate increase could be due to curiosity as well as developers introducing a challenge system that unlocks Revenant for free if players don’t already have him.

Competitive players and pros are still skeptical of Revenant’s relevance in the current meta. He is considered fun to play and definitely has improved, but other mobility-based legends may still outshine him in the long run.

It will be interesting to see what his pick rate becomes once the season has settled in a bit more and the novelty has worn off.