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Season 19 Apex Legends: Who is Conduit? Rumors, Leaks, Abilities and Lore

Is Conduit the newest Legend to join Apex Legends in Season 19? Here's everything that's been rumored and leaked about the character so far.

Apex Legend’s Season 19 Character Conduit: Who is she? What are her abilities and lore?

  • Conduit is rumored to be the daughter of Lifeline and Octane and a time traveler who comes back in time.
  • Rumors are that Conduit will serve a support-type role and has a version of Lifeline’s drone that does damage instead of healing.
  • If Conduit is the next legend in Apex Legends, she’ll be revealed closer to the start of Season 19 on October 31st.

The next character to be joining the Apex Legends roster in Season 19 may have been leaked and her name is Conduit. For players who keep up on Apex Legends news, this isn’t a new name. A few years ago in one of the biggest Apex Legends leaks to date, the name Conduit was among them. But in the past few weeks the biggest Apex Legends data miner, leakers and content creators have all stated that their sources have confirmed that Conduit should be the next legend.

Who is Conduit in Apex Legends?

Who exactly IS Conduit? That’s a hard question to answer at the moment because there have been some conflicting leaks and reports. Most recently, the biggest theory that several content creators had talked about and claimed to have heard from multiple sources was that Conduit was from the future.

In Titanfall 2 there’s a mission where the main character travels back and forth through time using a Chrono Gauntlet. So the idea of time traveling in Titanfall and Apex Legends isn’t new. That’s also not the crazy part of this rumor.

Besides Conduit coming from the future, the other part is that she’s the daughter of Lifeline and Octane. This is a rumor that surprised a LOT of fans because Lifeline and Octane have always given off best friend vibes and never anything close to being romantically involved.

A few days after this rumor started to circulate, however, some content creators cited sources saying that it wasn’t true. Because Conduit has been in development for so long, it’s possible things have changed over time.

Is Conduit really Lifeline and Octane's daughter? Maybe. It’s also possible that she has connections to Octane and Lifeline in the future, but just may not be their daughter.

Time travel does seem to be an aspect of her lore and backstory though. At this point players will just have to wait and see, though it’s also a possibility that this is all a smokescreen and Conduit could serve in the same vein as Forge did to hide the reveal of Revenant.

Another theory involves Conduit being Crypto’s foster sister, Mila, who was last seen working for Silva Pharmaceuticals and spying on the Legends as seen in the Kill Code shorts.

Conduit’s Leaked Abilities

With Conduit having been in development for so long, she’s rumored to have had a few different abilities. Players won’t know for sure what these end up being until she arrives. But according to leakers and data miners, her most recent abilities showcase a support role.

What are Conduit’s abilities in Apex Legends? Her passive ability is called You’re Finished, her tactical ability is called Bad Doctor and her ultimate ability is called Stay Down. Here’s what they’re rumored to do…

You’re Finished (Passive): Is rumored to allow Conduit to perform finishers using a drone, much like Lifeline uses her drone to heal and revive allies. This passive could also make it impossible for enemies to armor swap out of her death box.

Bad Doctor (Tactical): Like Lifeline, her possible future mother, Conduit has a drone but unlike Lifeline instead of healing people this one does damage to nearby enemies health and shields.

Stay Down (Ultimate): Her ultimate ability is rumored to be an area of effect revive cancel. Anyone attempting to revive a downed teammate in the area will have it stopped and as long as the ultimate is active, you cannot revive in its vicinity.

In the past, her abilities were rumored to be all about shield regeneration. Her passive was going to be an innate shield regeneration (similar to Wattson) that was stronger if your teammates were nearby. Her tactical was supposed to be the ability to recharge allies' shields at the cost of your own. And her ultimate would’ve been a cluster bomb that damaged enemy shields and recharged Conduit’s shields.

When is Season 19 of Apex Legends?

When will players get to see Conduit and confirm all of the details behind her abilities and lore? When Season 19 drops next month at the end of the current season. Season 19 should launch on October 31st, which means that Respawn Entertainment should start releasing trailers and teasers in the week leading up to it.