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The Apex Legends Global Series has just finished its third week of competition and despite all of the great matches, plays and coverage, there was one glaring issue with the Apex Legends Pro League. In week 2 specifically, there was more than one instance where the entire server crashed and the match had to be replayed from the start. It seems the ALGS found the solution to the server crashing problems.

Server Crashes in ALGS

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being a professional esports broadcast and having to re-do an entire match because the whole server crashed. It sucks as the organizer, it sucks for the audience, and it really sucks for the players, especially if you were having a great game and now it’s rendered null and void.

All weekend long in week 2 the ALGs put up with multiple server crashes. But it seems the issue has been fixed. Last week the ALGS put out a tweet explaining the reasoning behind the crashes and how they’re going to attempt to fix them.

The issues had something to do with the number of observers on the server. After deploying what they call minor tweaks to the servers and disabling the Command Center feature, Week 3 of the Apex Legends Pro League seemed to go off without a hitch.

Goodbye Command Center

The Command Center is an interesting feature that the ALGS offered that allowed fans to watch the matches from the perspective of their favorite players. But apparently one of the fixes for the ALGS server crashing issues was disabling it.

It’s a massive blow to the viewer experience as battle royales have always been notoriously difficult to follow from just one perspective. There’s often action and eliminations happening simultaneously and it’s hard to predict when the fights are going to break out. Allowing viewers to choose who they can watch, when they want allows them to follow their favorite teams and players.

But when the difference between that user experience is entire matches being rendered void and needing to restart? It’s not really a question. Hopefully Respawn Entertainment can work with the ALGS to get the problem in hand and Command Center can be up and running again soon.

This whole fiasco comes just a month after EA laid off over 200 QA testers for Apex Legends and dropped the entire studio that made Apex Legends Mobile while sunsetting the game.

Where and when to watch ALGS

The ALGS Pro League continues every weekend on Saturday and Sunday until the end of May. Tune in on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube Channel. And for all your questions about how the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League works, check out our summary here.