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Could Apex Legends gamers truly call themselves gamers if they weren’t ready to hate on the latest update? The Veiled Collection Event is being praised for Caustic’s toxic Prestige skin, but some Apex Legends players have been quite vocal about hating the existence of the event altogether.

On Reddit, players have started calling for a boycott of the game. One player explained that they are sick of the Collection Events, which happen quite often. The skin-focused events are being viewed as a distraction from the issues plaguing gameplay, including bugs, cheaters, and weapon balances, among other things.

Said one player: “The devs are really showing their true colors, continuing trying to make cash grabs as opposed to fixing all of the issues and putting this off to next season. It’s getting ridiculous.”

In 2023 alone, there have been six Collection Events. That’s twice as many as the total number of Collection Events in 2021 and 2022. The latest event came with gaudy high-class skins with golden touches, Caustic’s Apex Contagion Prestige skin, and a new limited-time game mode called Deadeye.

For some players, this was quite a welcomed update. The beautiful skins and fun game mode are most definitely a great addition to the game, even if you do have to shell out some bucks. Some gamers even pointed out that you don’t have to buy skins if you don’t want to.

But others feel Respawn Entertainment is taking advantage of the community, hoping to get more frequent payments from players instead of working on bugs and server issues. This had some gamers pointing out that there are probably different teams working on skins than whoever is in charge of gameplay issues.

“I agree they aren’t [the same team],” a frustrated gamer replied. “However, it’s blatantly obvious there’s no prioritization of huge game issues. Why is it you still can’t hear a Horizon after they Q? Why is it that footsteps intermittently work as a whole? Why is it that DDoS runs rampant in ranked matches? Why is it that you can even load into a ranked match with less than a full squad to begin with?

“There’s so many unaddressed issues in this game that at this point it doesn’t matter if it’s separate teams. There’s an obvious prioritization on monetization instead of stability.”

So far, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t responded to the ongoing arguments over the large amount of Collection Events happening in 2023. Players can hopefully expect to see developers address bugs, glitches, and other major ongoing gameplay problems in Season 17.

Apex Legends’ Veiled Collection Event is coming out April 25 and will last until May 9, when the next season arrives.