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The trailer for the Veiled Collection event in Apex Legends is out and it gives us a great look at all the amazing cosmetics coming along with the newest Prestige Skin for Caustic. Players can also look forward to a free skin, holospray and weapon charm and a limited time death match mode called Deadeye.

Caustic Prestige Skin

The headline item of the Veiled Collection Event is the Mythic rarity Caustic Prestige skin ‘Apex Contagion.’ This skin has been floating around some of the big Apex Legends content creators for some time and captures the essence of Caustic perfectly. His finisher ‘Toxic Scream’ is ripped right out of the olden days of Mortal Kombat.

You can get the ‘Apex Contagion’ skin by collecting all 24 of the Veiled Collection Event cosmetics by purchasing them or crafting them with crafting materials in-game. Their cheapest way with no crafting materials is to first buy the two bundles from the store, Soiree Away Bundle for Rampart for 5,000 Apex Coins and Court Executioner Bundle for Gibraltar for 2,500 Apex Coins.

This will put you at 12 out of the 24 cosmetics, leaving you to buy 12 Veiled Collection Event loot packs. With each single loot pack costing 700 Apex Coins, that will run you 8,400 Apex Coins for a total of 15,900 Apex Coins to get the Caustic Prestige skin. If you do have the crafting materials recommend crafting all of the Epic rewards, then purchasing the two bundles for only 7,500 Apex Coins.

Veiled Collection Event Legend Skins

In most Apex Legends Collection Events, there are more Legend Skins than weapon skins, but for the Veiled Collection Event we’re only getting 4 Legendary Character skins and 4 Legendary Weapon skins. Here are all of the Legend skins coming in the Veiled Collection Event. All Legendary skins will cost 1,800 Apex Coins if you buy them individually and not through the shop or Apex Packs, the Epics cost 1,000 Apex Coins. Or you can craft them for 2,400 crafting materials for the Legendary and 800 for the Epic.

  • Wattson’s ‘Solar Static’ (Legendary)
  • Rampart’s ‘Soiree Away’ (Legendary)
  • Gibraltar’s ‘Court Executioner’ (Legendary)
  • Octane’s ‘Fiendish Filigree’ (Legendary)
  • Loba’s ‘Haute Disguise’ (Epic)
  • Wraith’s ‘Unseen Void’ (Epic)
  • Valkyrie’s ‘First Class’ (Epic)
  • Pathfinder’s ‘Deco Droid’ (Epic)

Weapon Skins in the Veiled Collection Event

Each of the Legendary Character skins comes with a matching Legendary Weapon skin. The R-99 matches with Wattson, the Spitfire with Rampart, the Sentinel with Gibraltar and the CAR SMG with Octane.

  • R-99 ‘Solar Flare (Legendary)
  • Spitfire ‘Belle of the Ball’ (Legendary)
  • Sentinel ‘Platinum Aegis’ (Legendary)
  • CAR 'Devilish Artistry’ (Legendary)

Other Rewards in the Veiled Collection Event

Besides the Character and Weapon skins, there are also four Legendary emotes for Ash, Wattson, Octane and Caustic and another four Epic emotes for Octane, Gibraltar, Rampart and Loba. As always there are epic banners for characters as well which include Octane, Gibraltar, Rampart and Seer.

Free Reward Tracker

As with all of Apex Legend’s Collection Events, there is a free reward tracker if you complete the daily challenges. But if you were hoping for a complimentary Veiled Collection Event pack, you’ll be disappointed. The free rewards include a holospray, a gun charm and an Epic level Newcastle skin along with one standard Apex Legends Loot Pack.

Free Reward Track Items in Apex Legends Unveiled Collection Event.

Reward Track Items - Veiled Collection

Limited-Time Deathmatch ‘Deadeye’

The final attraction for the Veiled Collection Event in Apex Legends is a Limited-Time mode for Deathmatch called Deadeye. In Deadeye the Deathmatch will operate using some of the Hardcore Mode rules from a previous LTM where you’ll have no shield, no helmet and limited HUD info.

On top of that you’ll get a random loadout out of three pre-built ones that will include; the Wingman and 30-30 Repeater, the Hemlock and G7 Scout or the Sentinel and the Kraber. Care Packages will be turned off and the first team to 50 kills wins.