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Apex Legends is known for its intense gunplay and fast-paced battle royale gameplay, which has made movement tech one of the most hot-button topics for competitive players. Most recently, competitive players have been showing off some insane movement buffs that couple these techniques with button configuration on Steam controllers — and the community is unsure if this should be legal or not.

Tap strafing is a movement tech that has been very controversial in the Apex Legends community. The tricky movement allows players to turn at a much faster rate than normal, creating a huge advantage in gun fights. Respawn Entertainment even removed this mechanic at one point as debates continued.

Now, movement tech is back in the spotlight thanks to some tricky players who have started reconfiguring third-party controllers to make these advantageous movements even easier to pull off. This has caused PC players to argue that it’s unfair against keyboard and mouse.

Apex Legends Community Debates Controller Configuration

The argument came to a head when one player created a Reddit post asking for controller configuration to be banned.

“I’ve seen many TikTokers using configs and I don’t understand how it is not cheating (especially on controller). You are doing something that only a computer can do. You cannot lurch on controller, so any of those mechanics should not be allowed. You are making the playing field unfair by using them,” the Apex Legends player argued.

Basically, keyboard and mouse players have already argued in the past that they are at a disadvantage against controllers thanks to aim assist. But before Respawn could even figure out how to fix that balance, controller players are now reconfiguring their buttons to make movement mechanics even easier, giving them similar movement to PC players on top of aim assist.

While this is already angering Apex Legends players, it has been Respawn Entertainment’s response — or lack thereof — that has truly pressed buttons.

According to an anonymous source on Twitter a while ago, Respawn Entertainment allegedly said that button configuration is “not considered cheating.” Other players asked for proof developers actually said this, but the game developer’s silence has been a problem either way.

Said one player: “Respawn not commenting on it at all, and no bans being issued for it, is basically the same as not considering it cheating sadly.”

Another player accused Respawn Entertainment of catering towards controller players, pointing at other recent changes like the AR hip fire nerf.

Others argued that if it’s not allowed in the Apex Legends Global Series and other pro esports competitions, why is it allowed in ranked mode in the game?

Unfortunately, none of this can be officially answered right now. Respawn Entertainment has yet to discuss this concerning update in the movement buffs category. For now, players are left to continue the ongoing controller versus keyboard and mouse debate, this time with even more ammunition.