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The Los Angeles Thieves were victorious last season and are on the hunt for a repeat championship. While they finished third in the regular season, they marched through the postseason, dominating each opponent they faced en route to their first-ever Call of Duty League Championship.

Returning each of their four players for this season, the Thieves have put themselves in a strong position to contend for back-to-back titles. 

Sam Larew (Octane)

The 25-year-old Octane has been competing since 2014, winning his first championship last season with the Thieves. He plays as the Main AR and has been one of the most electrifying players in that position. The "Human Turret," as Octane is nicknamed, is a lane holder that uses head glitches to secure his kills. He sported a 1.01 overall K/D, but with his current style of play, he's taking on more of a veteran role, making smart, calculated plays rather than flashy ones. As he enters his third year with the organization, Octane will look to lead the Thieves to back-to-back championships.

Zachary Jordan (Drazah)

The youngster, at just 21 years old and only competing since 2020, Drazah is a true flex player for the Thieves. The "Alaskan Assassin" had an overall K/D of 0.99, starting the year as an SMG but making the change to flex later in the year. Drazah is a menace on stage, making sure to let his opponents know that he's not someone to mess with. Having only spent two years with the organization, he'll look to build off of a strong year last year and bring home another title for the Thieves.

Dylan Hannon (Envoy)

At just 22 years old but competing since 2015, Envoy owns an abundance of eye-popping highlights. He had a decent year on Vanguard, owning a 0.98 overall K/D but ultimately dominated SnD. He's mainly played as an objective-based sub but has the potential to be the slaying sub that the team needs. Entering his second year with the team, Envoy is a good bet to be a difference-maker for the Thieves.

Kenneth Williams (Kenny)

Starting last season rough, Kenny ended the year with a solid 0.99 K/D overall. His main struggles came on SnD, but he made up for them in other game modes such as Hardpoint and Control. Entering his third year with the Thieves, the 23-year-old is a flexible player, excelling at both the AR and SMG, like we've seen in previous seasons; he can play where ever his team needs him. Kenny has a ton of experience and is someone the team can rely on in the upcoming season.

To start last year's CDL season, many fans thought the Thieves should tear it down, find new leadership, and bring in new players. Instead, they moved roles around and, in the end, found themselves atop the standings. The Thieves will look to start hot and keep the momentum going from their championship last season.