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The hatred of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Santa Sena Border Crossing map has become so strong that developers have responded to frustrated players. But don’t expect any changes.

Santa Sena Border Crossing has been disliked since it debuted in Modern Warfare 2 thanks to its narrow layout and excessive amount of vehicles. The worst part? These vehicles could explode at any time.

Multiplayer Design Director Geoff Smith opened up about the unpopular map in an interview with Dexerto. Smith explained that the map was meant to be more “experimental” than “competitive.”

“While some are designed to cater to the ‘sweaty’ crowd, others keep the casual audience in mind instead, prioritizing more unique experiences as opposed,” Smith said.

Basically, the map isn’t balanced — but it’s more about having a “cool” location to fight in instead.

Smith added that he knows that the map isn’t popular with most players, but he still finds it fun. The concept of moving through cars is especially an entertaining concept to the team. With such a big playerbase, Smith said that it’s important to have some maps like this.

Instead of being a competitive design, Smith said that Santa Sena is built around “big ideas and novel experiences.”

But do players really want an experimental map even if it’s not enjoyable? Probably not, if you ask popular streamers like Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm and Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar. Both have been very outspoken with their disdain of the map.

In response to hearing the complaints from big CoD personalities, the community has chimed in with the same feelings. Add more trucks! Add barrels with explosive liquids! Make the cars move! Clearly, these suggestions are all facetious — many Call of Duty players are thrown off by this vehicle-covered map.

This rhetoric has not deterred the developers, however.

“[We’re not] trying to ruin people’s fun on every single map,” Smith said. “I think we even looked into keeping those cars from blowing up every round in S&D because that gets really old. We kind of just make adjustments as we go, but I think it’s more important ot have a wide variety of experiences. Not everybody’s into super sweaty matches, so we kind of balance it for everyone.”

He added: “We do our best.”