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Call of Duty League Major 4 Stats: Recap From Day 1

Who had the best or worst stats from the CDL Major 4 yesterday?
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The opening day of the Call of Duty League Major 4 Winners Bracket was wildly entertaining. Heavy-hitting teams were teeing off on each other, putting up high-kill games and boosting their K/D for the Major. There are plenty of stats that will make teams optimistic about their chances to win the Major 4 Championship and a few that will set their world on fire.

What were the surprising stats from yesterday?

Kremp, Boston Breach

34 Kills on Hotel Control

Kremp had an impressive series in his first LAN event against one of the best teams in the CDL. He had a 1.05 overall K/D, the highest damage on his team (10,318), and was able to do some dirty work in Hardpoint and Control. But where he excelled yesterday was on the third map, Hotel Control. He was moving all over the map, landing 34 total kills, 28 non-traded. Kremp seems to be hitting his stride in the CDL, and he will have to keep it going as they face Toronto Ultra in the Losers Bracket next. 

Sib, Seattle Surge

Sib's stats from Hotel Hardpoint Major 4.

Sib's stats from Hotel Hardpoint Major 4.

33 Kills | 1.83 K/D on Hotel Hardpoint

After beating Atlanta FaZe online, they greeted Seattle on LAN in an important Winners Bracket match. They couldn't pull out the victory, but Sib was frying. He was the only one on the team with a positive K/D (1.13), and much of that was due to his killer performance on Hotel Hardpoint. Seattle was able to win this map, the only one they would win in this match, mainly due to Sib's slaying ability. He was the only one to go positive on Seattle (1.83) and was able to land 33 kills against one of the best teams in the CDL. Seattle will have to make their way through the Losers Bracket, but if Sib can keep this pace up, they should be able to make a deep run through Major 4.

Simp, Atlanta FaZe

Simp and Atlanta FaZe are looking to run through Major 4.

Simp and Atlanta FaZe are looking to run through Major 4.

25 Kills | +2.27 K/D | 18 Non-Traded Kills on El Asilo Control

Facing one of the better Control teams this year, FaZe, specifically Simp, came out swinging. Sweeping Seattle in three rounds, Simp was absolutely filthy, keeping Seattle in a blender the entire map. He dropped 25 kills, 18 being non-trade, while also leading the team in zone captures and tiers captured. FaZe seemed to have taken their last 3-0 loss to Seattle to heart. If they're playing like that, they will be a tough team to beat.

Dashy, OpTic Texas

Call of Duty League Major 3 Dashy

OpTic Texas Dashy is locked in

32 Kills | +1.33 K/D | 25 Non-Traded Kills on Hotel Control

Coming in as the No. 1 seed, OpTic is hitting its stride and paving over anyone in its path. The map, Hotel, seems to be a hot map for many players in Major 4 - Dashy being one of them. He dropped 32 kills in the five rounds, 25 being non-traded and totaled a 1.33 K/D. Dashing was completely frying the entire day, being the only positive K/D player on OpTic and nearly reaching the century mark in kills (96). There's no way anyone's stopping them this Major if Dashy keeps up those numbers and the rest of the superstars get cooking.

Vegas Legion

After their first-ever Winners Bracket appearance, what happened to the fan-favorite Vegas Legion team?

After their first-ever Winners Bracket appearance, what happened to the fan-favorite Vegas Legion team?

6 Kills 24 Deaths on El Asilo SnD

The story that had fans buzzing all week was Vegas making it to the Winners Bracket for the first time ever. That was very short-lived after getting bounced by the New York Subliners. The eye-popping and worrying stat came from their SnD map. Vegas is known to be one of the best SnD teams in the CDL, but they fooled everyone, dropping the map 6-0 and owning a team K/D of 0.25. Truly mindboggling what happened. However, it doesn't stop there. Throughout the entire 3-0 loss, they had a team K/D of 0.70, with Temp at the bottom (0.43) and Standy not far above (0.65). There's too much talent on this team for this to happen. They must be more comfortable playing in the Losers Bracket. 

How to Watch the Call of Duty League

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League through the Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube channels. If you are watching on Twitch, be sure to link your Activision and Twitch accounts to receive Twitch Drops during eligible events. The CDL will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.