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Who is the Call of Duty League Midseason MVP?

With all the talent in the CDL, who should be honored with the midseason MVP award?
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The Call of Duty League loaded up with talent and, being as competitive as it is, several players could be crowned the midseason MVP. But only one player can take home the honors, so let's break down some of the contenders.

Cellium rules the K/D roost

The first that comes to mind is MC "Cellium" Jovel. The slaying flex player for the Atlanta FaZe has been a demon all year. Having by far the best overall K/D at 1.23, Cellium has been winning the majority of his gunfights and creating highlight reel after highlight reel. He's one of the main reasons FaZe sits atop the Call of Duty League standings.

aBeZy puts the team on his back when everything is on the line

Cellium's teammate, Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris, is another candidate for midseason MVP honors. His presence in SnD rounds is unmatched this year. He leads the league in Kills per Round (0.88), K/D (1.28), and First Blood Rate (25.4%). When matches go to a game five, aBeZy can put FaZe on his back and carry his team to a win.

Scrappy is one of the best all around players

One of the main reasons for Toronto Ultra's Major 3 Championship was the play of Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst. While Ultra is off to a slow start in Major 4, his map presence is constantly felt. He holds a 3rd best overall K/D at 1.16 and has been dominant in Control rounds. Scrap has a 1.25 K/D, 20.6 Kills per 10 Minutes, and 2,523 Damage per 10 Minutes. All of those stats rank top five in the CDL. Scrap has a plethora of talent around him, but he's the driving force behind their success.

Shotzzy isn't the face of the CDL for nothing

Now known as the face of the Call of Duty League, Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro is as deserving as anyone of MVP honors. He's one of the best slayers in the CDL, with an 81.3 rating. OpTic Texas is filled with all-stars and is arguably the best and most well-rounded team from top to bottom. That's not to take anything away from his MVP status, but it does give the edge to the Midseason CDL MVP.

But the Esports Illustrated Midseason Call of Duty League MVP Award goes to...

Pred and the Seattle Surge

Pred and the Seattle Surge

If it weren't for Amer "Pred" Zulbeari, Seattle Surge would be in a much different scenario. They hold the 7th spot in the CDL standings and could climb their way higher after Major 4, and they have Pred to thank for that. He's top five in nearly every major statistical category for each map mode, proving his versatility and dominance. Put the Vaznev in his hands, and Pred will slay his way around every map at any moment. He constantly has put Seattle in a position to win.