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All year, Call of Duty players have been able to rep their favorite CDL team skins and weapon camos. Every time you load into Ranked Play, at least one player will likely be sporting a CDL team skin and camo. 

With Major 5 around the corner and Champs not far behind, players can freshen up the look of their weapons with a professional Vaznev-9k build and a brand-new team blueprint.

The blueprint resembles most professional Call of Duty League players' build for the Vaznev. It's built for speed - having quick ADS and sprint speed. It allows you to fly around the map to find close-quarter gunfights and rack up kills for your team.

In addition to the weapon blueprint, you will get a charm, which is a bucket hat with the team logo and colors that can be equipped to any weapon you have. You will also receive team stickers, one for each player on the Team Pack you purchase.

To buy the Team Pack, go to the Call of Duty store and select the team you want to represent. For $6.99 (+ tax), you will get the new blueprint, the charm, and the player stickers to show off to your enemies and your team.

The CDL teams got to design their own camos, which Owners and the community have been very vocal about. They wanted their team camos to have their own personality and speak to their fans.

Something to remember:  if you want to use this camo, you will need to use the Vaznev blueprint. The camo doesn't work for other weapons, and if you change the attachments, it will remove the customization from that attachment. 

How to Watch the Call of Duty League

Viewers can watch the 2023 Call of Duty League through the Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube channels. If you are watching on Twitch, be sure to link your Activision and Twitch accounts to receive Twitch Drops during eligible events. The CDL will take place every Friday-Sunday over the course of four weeks.