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Everything You Need to Know Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content will Carry Forward from MW2

Everything unlocked in MW2 will be available when MW3 launches.

Call of Duty officially announced that content from Modern Warfare 2 will carry over to Modern Warfare 3. The majority of items a player unlocked while playing MW2 or is currently available will be in MW3. However, a small amount will be unavailable if "gameplay offerings" are different in the new game.

For instance, if MW3 doesn’t have the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle, or a specific piece of tactical or lethal equipment in any game mode, any skins you’ve unlocked for these items in MW2 won’t be in MW3. Wartracks will also not carry over. 


Players can expect MW3 content to be available in Call of Duty: Warzone to begin season one of MW3. Specific content that's not included in MW3 will not be a part of the carry forward.



Every MW2 weapon will be available to players that jump into MW3. Players may still need to unlock these items if they have not done so in MW2. Blueprints that were purchased will be available in the new game, and certain MW2 blueprints will be available in the CoD store.

Throughout the new seasons of MW2, certain guns were available through the battle pass or the CoD store to unlock. Those will not be available to players in MW3 unless they were unlocked during MW2. On August 16, when purchasing a blueprint on MW2, there will be a label that denotes whether or not a gun is available for MW3.

Attachments and camos to MW2 guns will be available as long as they were unlocked. However, the camos are only available on MW2 guns, provided they've been unlocked or acquired during an event, but they can't use those camos on new MW3 weapons.

When MW3 launches, players will still be able to level up MW2 guns that will be linked between both game titles. 

According to Call of Duty:

  • An extensive and impressive number of Modern Warfare III–specific Base weapons (not revealed yet).
  • The Base weapons available at the launch of Modern Warfare II at the level you progressed them to in MWII. If you do not own MWII, the same MWII Base weapons will be available in MWIII, ready to be unlocked via a challenge and leveled up.
  • Any Base weapons unlocked during an MWII Season, Event, or other unlock challenge (e.g., the Tonfa Base Melee weapon, available only as part of the Vondel Event in Season 04).


All operator skins that have been unlocked or earned during challenges in MW2 will be available in MW3. If players have not earned base operators with default skins, they will not be available to them until they are unlocked or obtained from the CoD store. All cosmetic operator skins will carry forward to MW3. 

If there is the same character in MW2 and MW3, they will be assumed to be the same character and won't have any duplicates. Any skins that were earned for that operator in MW2 will be in the customize operator library in MW3.