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Crowder Atlanta FaZe Head Coach Qualifies for World Series of Warzone Finals

FaZe's Head Coach Crowder qualified for the London WSOW Finals.
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On July 27, the World Series of Warzone held their Last Chance Qualifiers for the North American region. With 35 teams that lost in the Regional Finals and 15 teams invited to the LCQ, only a handful of teams could qualify for the Global Finals.

Atlanta FaZe's Head Coach, Crowder, alongside Dezmond and NicoInfinite, was one of those teams that punched their ticket to compete in the Finals. 

In the wild card map of the LCQ, the ending couldn't have been more challenging for each team. 31 teams were forced to rotate to the peninsula of the Fortress POI, with seven teams making it to the final zone, forcing everyone near the water.

As we know from Crowder's competitive background, he's no stranger to moments like these. He and his team were able to clutch the win from the water, FTAC Siege's in hand, and walk away victorious. Desmond and NicoInfinite ended with nine kills a piece, with Crowder having four.

The Call of Duty League will have one of the best coaches in the League headed to London to compete in the biggest Warzone tournament of the year. Crowder was brought into the trio late in the process in hopes of improving their comms and being the IGL for the team. The move proved to be a brilliant one as they begin their preparation for the Global Finals.

Crowder was a very successful player during his competing days in Call of Duty and has put together some of the best teams as a Head Coach. His FaZe squad ended the regular season as the best team in the CDL and placed top 3 at Champs. If there's a player that can will a team to a WSOW Grand Finals victory, it's him.

When are the Global Finals for the World Series of Warzone?

  • WSOW 2023 Global Finals & Solo YOLO: September 16, London, UK

How to Watch the World Series of Warzone

Viewers can watch the 2023 WSOW through the Call of Duty Twitch and YouTube channels. If you are watching on Twitch, be sure to link your Activision and Twitch accounts to receive Twitch Drops during eligible events.

To keep fans in the loop on the latest World Series of Warzone updates and Call of Duty competitive events beyond the Call of Duty League, a new channel, @COD_Esports, has launched across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Get the full scoop on the World Series of Warzone HERE.