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Call of Duty — Every Map in Modern Warfare 3, Ranked

Maps make a huge difference in the excitement of a Call of Duty match. Here’s every single map in MW3 ranked from worst to best.
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Modern Warfare 3 launches today and with it comes 16 remastered maps from the original Modern Warfare 2. While many players will remember playing these back in the day, some people newer to the Call of Duty franchise will get their first experience on the maps today. Of course, all of these maps have received visual upgrades, but to help you out, we’ve ranked every map in Modern Warfare 3 from worst to best.

16. Sub Base

Sub Base sits bottom of the list due to its poor landscape. The map has some closed spaces inside and it's good for close-quarters combat, but the visuals are lacking some colour.

15. Derail

Derail switches up the terrain taking us to a snowy landscape. However, it lacks in cover as the map is huge with a lot of outside space, making it tough for SMG players and catering more towards ARs and Snipers.

14. Rundown

Rundown is another large map, making the gameplay slow and largely uneventful. However, the setting of the map is interesting and the few houses make every style of play possible.

13. Wasteland

Wasteland MW3

Wasteland MW3

Wasteland is an extremely controversial map with basically the entire map being outside with little to no cover. Some love it, some hate it, but with not much to offer except vast open spaces, it sits towards the bottom of the list.

12. Invasion

Invasion is set in Afghanistan and is a decent map. With a mix of outdoor spaces and indoor shops and houses, it caters to all playstyles. However, the visuals of the map just aren't that great.

11. Underpass

Underpass has a new vibrant setting to it and has an excellent element of verticality to it. This makes it a good all-around map in general.

10. Quarry

Quarry is a map that sometimes plays badly, but when it plays well, it’s great. While Snipers can see from one side of the map to the other, it also caters to fast-paced SMG players and can be truly exciting at times.

9. Karachi

Karachi MW3

Kirachi MW3

Set in Pakistan, Karachi allows for close-quarters combat in the many indoor spaces available. While this makes killstreaks hard to use, it’s fast-paced and a lot of fun.

8. Estate

Estate is a beautiful map. With a cabin at the top of the hill surrounded by fields and water features, the map is great. However, winning and losing is largely down to which team has control of the cabin, meaning the game can be over extremely quickly.

7. Afghan

Afghan is a classic. With a lot of opportunities for snipers, it’s tough for players who want to get in the face of their opponent. But if you’re looking to level up the long-range weapons it’s perfect.

6. Skidrow

Skidrow is perfect for run-and-gun SMG players, with the tight streets and indoor spaces being perfect for that kind of gameplay. The spawn points are often empty too, leaving a great opportunity to flank your opponents.

5. Scrapyard

Scrapyard MW3

Scrapyard MW3

Scrapyard is a map that is loved by a lot of the Call of Duty community and even made an appearance in the Warzone map, Verdansk. With a mix of close quarters and long-range combat, Scrapyard is one of the best maps in MW3.

4. Terminal

Terminal is loved by many Call of Duty players. The map was remastered in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and is largely regarded as one of the best COD maps of all time.

3. Favela

Favela sends players deep into a Brazilian slum, and with this comes a combination of rooftop combat and close-quarters fights. The setting is incredible, and the gameplay is even better.

2. Highrise

Highrise is a Snipe's paradise, however, it also caters to every style of gameplay. The lower areas are great for SMG players, while Snipers can take the top and ARs get the best of both worlds.

1. Rust

Rust MW3

Rust MW3

The best map in Call of Duty history, Rust, is coming back for Modern Warfare 3. Rust is loved by the COD community, and can be messy at times. However, this is what makes it great, with extremely fast gameplay and of course, the classic 1v1’s.