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Florida Mutineers Upset LA Thieves 3-1 as they Begin Late Charge for Champs

The Mutineers could be making a late charge for Champs; while the LA Thieves are still without a win in Major 5 Qualifiers

Major 5 Qualifiers have most definitely delivered the action as the run in for Champs gets closer and closer with every match. The LA Thieves began their qualifying run with a disappointing 0-2 record last week, with this extended to 0-3 following a shock win for the Florida Mutineers.

Florida Mutineers 3-1 LA Thieves

The Mutineers came into this match with a lot of confidence. Taking on the Thieves on Hydro Hardpoint is a brave call, but it paid off for Florida. A 250-242 victory saw the Florida Mutineers keep the game close throughout, and pull off an excellent rotation to P2 to secure the spawns and keep the Thieves out for the last few seconds. Javi ‘Vikul’ Milagro topped the leaderboard here with 29 kills and a 1.21 K/D as the Mutineers took a 1-0 series lead.

However, the LA Thieves were not going down easy, as they remained composed for map two and took a 6-4 victory on Embassy Search and Destroy. Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Williams led the line here with 10 kills in the map as the Thieves tied the series heading into the Control.

The map three Control was where the Florida Mutineers took hold of the series. A quick and dominant 3-0 victory on Expo saw Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson absolutely take over, putting up a 2.18 K/D as he perfected the defensive sides for the Mutineers. Florida took this momentum into the map four, where Vikul was back to his Hardpoint best, putting up 35k/21d for a 1.67 K/D, the highest in the lobby. A 250-128 Fortress Hardpoint win saw the Mutineers take the series, extending their record in Major 5 Qualifiers to 2-1, and leaving the LA Thieves still without a victory at 0-3.

The LA Thieves on the other hand sit with an 0-3 record following their win at Major IV. They have already secured their spot for Champs, but they'll need to get back on track before Major V.

While this victory for the Florida Mutineers sees them now sit with 100 CDL Points this season, they are still far behind in 10th place. But their two wins in Major 5 Qualifiers so far is keeping them in the race for Champs. 

The Mutineers would be an unlikely qualifier, but they’re definitely not out of the picture just yet.