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We've made it. It's what all the fans have been waiting for. The hometown team, OpTic Texas, will face off against Toronto Ultra to see who will be crowned Call of Duty League Major 3 Champions.

It's been a wild event. The main stage has been lit. The fans have been fierce - they got everything they could have hoped for.

For the fans that got to the doors at 3 am - they might have still been trying to wake up. But if they needed that jolt of energy - that's exactly what they received.

Every match this Major has delivered in a big way. Saturday and Sunday gave us anxiety, stress, and extreme enjoyment. And it all comes down to one game.

OpTic Texas vs. Toronto Ultra.

Looking at how OpTic is playing, it's tough to see them letting the hometown crowd down. Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro has been nasty since dropping 3-0 to the Boston Breach. He posted a 1.40 K/D against Atlanta FaZe to get to this point. Shotzzy had 101 kills in the match, which is absurd considering the caliber of the team he was up against.

Daniel "Ghosty" Rothe has been coming into his own in his first LAN event. He had 72 kills, with a 1.07 K/D in the last match against FaZe. But what's most impressive is his 3:08 hill time and eight zone tiers captured. He's doing the dirty work while staying alive and taking down top-tier opponents.

They'll have a tough test against Ultra. They've been a consistent team that's finally made it to Championship Sunday and will be doing whatever they can to take home that title.

Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst has been playing on another level in this Major. He notched nearly 10,000 in total damage in their last match against FaZe while also soaking up hill time and capturing zones.

Scrappy has a phenomenal cast of gunners around him. Tobias "CleanX" Juul Jønsson, and Jamie "Insight" Craven have been playing tremendously. They will match up well with the gunners on the opposite side.

Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks has been making highlight-reel kills while being the dirty work player, jumping on hills and securing zone captures. Everything a team player needs to do to secure the victory.

If Ultra keeps playing as they do and work as a team, the home crowd could be going home upset.

We are in for a treat.