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How to Watch ZooMaa’s $10K Black Ops 3 Stallion Showdown Tournament

ZooMaa is bringing the best COD players together for a throwback tournament tonight

The Call of Duty League offseason is in full effect, with almost no tournaments being hosted and many fans and players looking for some competition. ZooMaa is bringing exactly that tonight, as he brings the best Call of Duty players in the world together for a throwback Black Ops 3 tournament in a series he’s calling the Stallion Showdown.


The tournament will feature eight teams of four players which will play best of five matches consisting of Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Uplink. This will be a double elimination tournament, so teams will still be able to make a losers bracket run if they need to.


  • Sib, Kismet, Dvbzy, Havok
  • iLLeY, Prolute, Decemate, Presaged
  • Drazah, Cellium, TJHaly, Optimum
  • Simp, aBeZy, Proto, Dashy
  • Asim, Enable, Classic, Gunless
  • Cammy, JoeDecieves, Vivid, Mock
  • Attach, Kenny, Envoy, Arcitys
  • Ocha1n, Bita, Cimbels, Swooty

Teams to Watch

There are some big names competing in this tournament. This includes retired pros such as Enable, but also current pros such as the stacked team of Simp, aBeZy and Dashy. This is our team to watch in the event, Simp, aBeZy, Proto and Dashy are all current or former Call of Duty League professionals. Simp and aBeZy need no introduction, as they have dominated the CDL on Atlanta FaZe since its inception.

Other players to watch are Cammy and JoeDecieves, as they were both recently announced on the LA Thieves for the upcoming CDL season, and this will be the first time we see them play together.

Attach, Kenny, Envoy and Arcitys are also a very strong team coming into this event. While Attach and Arcitys are both currently free agents, Kenny finds himself on OpTic Texas, and Envoy is now a member of Toronto Ultra. This will without a doubt be an extremely fun event to watch, especially on the throwback jetpack game of Black Ops 3.

Schedule and How to Watch

The inaugural Stallion Showdown kicks off at 12pm PT on September 6th. Being a double elimination tournament, this will last many hours. You can watch on ZooMaa’s Twitch Channel, or if you wish to watch individual POVs, all players will be streaming on their own channels.