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Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season One Roadmap Released

Everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 3 Season One is here

Season One of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone is right around the corner and set to release on December 6th. With a lot of new content coming to both Multiplayer and Warzone, here’s everything you need to know.

  • Four new Multiplayer maps
  • Five new Weapons
  • New Multiplayer modes
  • Warzone Updates
  • Seasonal Prestige Return


Season One of Modern Warfare 3 will bring four new Multiplayer maps. Three of these maps will be 6v6, with the final one being made exclusively for the new mode, Gunfight.

Gunfight puts two teams of two against one another in a round-based match. There are no respawns, and all players are assigned the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round.

Each round lasts 40 seconds, in which teams attempt to eliminate the other side. If time runs out and both teams are still alive, an Overtime Flag will spawn on the map for 10 seconds. The first team to capture the flag or eliminate the enemy team wins the round. If neither team wins during Overtime, the team with the most health wins.

There will be five Gunfight maps at launch: The new Training Facility map, along with four Carry Forward Gunfight maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: Alley, Blacksite, Exhibit, and Shipment.

New Weapons

Five new weapons will arrive in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone with Season One:

  • XRK Stalker (Sniper Rifle)
  • RAM-7 (Assault Rifle)
  • Stormender (Launcher)
  • HRM-9 (SMG)
  • TAQ Evolvere (LMG)

RAM-7 Assault Rifle

New Game Modes

All or Nothing

“Deploy with Throwing Knives and no ammo. Get one elimination to activate the Scavenger Perk, allowing you to retrieve ammo pickups for your weapon. The first to land 20 eliminations wins.”


“In this free-for-all mode, one player spawns in with the infamous Zombies Wonder Weapon, the one-shot Ray Gun. Whoever eliminates the Operator with the Ray Gun becomes the new owner of this powerful and otherworldly pistol. Vortex takes place on three remixed Multiplayer maps: Satan’s Quarry, Sporeyard, and Tetanus.”

Santa’s Slayground

“Santa Gnaws is here to spread horror and fear. Complete Event Challenges to earn rewards and visit classic, holiday-themed maps, including Shipmas and Hangover! Just try not to get bitten. Expect more information on this Event and additional Limited Time Modes closer to Mid-Season.”


“One player is chosen at random to spawn in as the infected. Their goal is to eliminate the other survivors, while those not infected must use all the skill and firepower they’ve amassed to keep their humanity intact.”


“Fight to secure the Headquarters location and then hold that position for as long as you can; respawns are disabled for the defending team. The Headquarters slowly rotates around the map as the match continues, so be ready to move.”

Team Gunfight

“In this 6v6 version of Gunfight, played on standard Multiplayer maps, players all receive the same randomized Loadout at the start of each round. This Loadout changes throughout the match; the team that best adapts to the assigned gear is bound to land the eliminations needed to earn victory.”

New Vest and Killstreaks

Vest MW3

Season One will see the arrival of a new vest called the Assassin Vest. This vest will bring some excellent perks, removing your Field Upgrade, but giving you a permanent Ghost while stationary, keeping you off the minimap at all times.

New Killstreaks are also arriving in the form of the Swarm (15 kills) and EMP (13 kills). The Swarm returns from Black Ops 2, which sends a number of mosquito drones flying throughout the map, and the EMP will disrupt enemy killstreaks and equipment.


Warzone fans will be truly excited for the release of Urzikstan as it comes with all of the movement upgrades in Modern Warfare 3. With over 38 POI’s in Urzikstan, the map looks incredible and the content coming sounds even better.

MW3 Warzone
  • Backup Pistol: Always have a dedicated pistol when swimming or climbing ladders or ledge hanging, no matter your Loadout.
  • Improved Water Combat: Alongside the dedicated pistol, improvements have been made to water visibility such that it is now easier to see targets both when in and out of the water.
  • Manual Gas Mask: You can now manually choose when to equip the Gas Mask. When looking at a Gas Mask on the ground, Players are presented with two options: Equip it, or Stow it. Equipping the Gas Mask will begin the equip animation of putting it onto their face. Stowing the Gas Mask will place it in the Backpack for Players to manually equip later. As a result, the animation will no longer interrupt gameplay, and importantly Players will only hear the heavy breathing sound effect while in the Gas.
  • Experimental Gas Grenade: This Tear Gas Tactical now deals gas damage and can be countered with an equipped Gas Mask.
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots: Specific new Backpack slots cater to ammo, allowing quick and easy access. These slots will be automatically filled as Players find ammo. Additional ammo can still be stored in the all-purpose Backpack slots.
  • Loot Rarity: Weapons, equipment, killstreaks, and more will now appear with a color-coded tooltip to indicate the value and rarity of the item, as well as if a weapon is from a “Custom Loadout”.
  • Contract Activation Laptop: Players will now activate Contracts by interacting with larger, more easily identifiable laptops found throughout the map.
  • Updated Tac Map Icons: The entirety of the Tac Map has been updated to better serve you, with a variety of easily distinguishable new icons.
  • Classic Red Dots: The classic minimap will feature within Call of Duty: Warzone; firing unsuppressed weapons causes Operators to momentarily appear as a red dot on the minimap.
  • Improved Loot Spreading: Players will now notice that the loot distribution and spread when opening a Supply Box or eliminating an enemy has received improvements to minimize loot overlap and facilitate loot identification.
  • Quality of Life Carry Forward: For the new Chapter of Warzone, all existing Quality of Life improvements that have been made this year will carry forward.

A drivable Train, horizontal ziplines, new perks and much more are coming to Warzone, making this the biggest upgrade to date.

Prestige Challenges

Players will finally be able to Prestige in Modern Warfare 3 with the release of Season One. MW3 will yet again use the seasonal prestige system, allowing players to reach level 250 in Season One and rank up through five prestiges.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season One drops on December 6th, with all of this content and more.