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Everything Coming to Modern Warfare 3 in Season 1 — Battle Pass, Maps & More

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 isn't out yet but will be arriving soon! Here's everything we know so far!

Modern Warfare 3 launched today on November 10 and players are already loving the latest edition in the Call of Duty franchise. However, many fans are confused about the Battle Pass, and why their Vault Edition rewards haven’t come yet. The Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition came with access to the Blackcell bundle for Season 1. This includes the Battle pass, 1,100 COD Points and 50 tier skips. With the Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass still active, and no confirmed release date from Activision, fans are right to be concerned.

What we do know is that Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 will start in December. Based on the length of previous seasons, we expect this to be the first week of December. This will see the end of Modern Warfare 2’s Season 6, and as a result the end of that Battle Pass.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Content

Activison has confirmed some of the content coming to Modern Warfare 3 in Season 1, including new maps, modes and much more.

  • 3 All-New 6v6 Core Multiplayer maps and more
  • Gunfight, All or Nothing, and more Multiplayer modes
  • More story and secrets to discover in the Zombies mode
  • New Urzikstan Warzone map
  • Holiday event, modes, and more

Along with this content, we can expect to see much more in the first Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass. This includes new weapons, Operators, camos and more. Some of the weapons coming in Season 1 have been leaked, with rumors spreading on Twitter of five new weapons coming in Season 1.

  • RAM-7 (AR)
  • TAQ Evolvere (LMG)
  • XRK Stalker (Sniper Rifle)
  • HRM-9 (SMG)
  • ARX 160 (Unknown)

In addition to the Operators coming within the Battle Pass, we can also expect new Operator bundles in the store. Call of Duty released some incredible Operator bundles in the lead-up to Modern Warfare 3, with icons such as 21 Savage and Nikki Minaj getting Operator skins just a few months ago.

We also expect to see the fan favorite of Ranked Play return at some point during Season 1. While Activison hasn't confirm this, they did hint at COD Next that Ranked Play would be arriving during Season 1, so we can predict a late December or January release for that.

Prestiges are also a massive part of Call of Duty, and Season 1 could bring us more information on the seasonal prestige system. We would love to see the Black Ops Cold War prestige system return, as this was the perfect mix of seasonal prestiges, but still a valid reason to grind them with the prestige shop. However, Activison has said that more information on this will come with the release of Season 1.

Along with the brand new maps that are arriving in Season 1, we can also expect to see maps from Modern Warfare 2 carry over. Activision confirmed that Mercado, Farm 18, Shipment and Shoothouse will all be coming to Modern Warfare 3 in post-launch seasons, so we may see some of them in Season 1.