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OpTic Texas Finalize Roster with Pred and Kenny Signings

Pred and Kenny sign with OpTic Texas for the Call of Duty League 2024 season.
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After a disappointing end to the MW2 season, OpTic Texas made a big splash in rostermania, signing arguably the best SMG and Flex players available. Pred, who was the Rookie of the Year two seasons ago with the Seattle Surge, joins Shotzzy as a dominant SMG duo. Kenny, who won a World Championship with the Los Angeles Thieves, fills in as the flex player and rounds out one of the best rosters on paper.

Last season was very up and down throughout its entirety. There were several roster moves that happened before Major 3, with Scump retiring, Dashy and iLLeY being dropped, Dashy coming back — the early parts of the season were very unstable.

With the signing of Huke and Ghosty, everything started to come together, and OpTic was becoming one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League. They finished Major 3 and 4 in the top 2, but from there, something still wasn't quite right.

OpTic went to Champs, finishing top 6, which is unacceptable for a team that was thought to be one of the favorites to take home a World Championship. The team chose to release Ghosty and Huke after the season in hopes of finding upgrades.

While Ghosty has tremendous comms and is a brilliant mind on the map, adding Kenny to the Flex role gives them an experienced IGL that knows what it takes to win a World Championship. Octane, his former teammate, said that Kenny is the "best CoD mind ever," which says a lot considering the pedigree of Octane.

Huke showed how dangerous he can be as a slayer, but the consistency Pred has in each game mode brings that role to a whole other level. Both roles received an upgrade and will be at the top of the power rankings as we look ahead to the 2023/2024 season.

2023/2024 OpTic Texas Call of Duty League Roster

  • SMG: Shotzzy
  • SMG: Pred
  • Flex: Kenny
  • AR: Dashy