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After every Call of Duty League Major, there seems to always be one move that surprises the community. This week, it was OpTic Texas dropping iLLeY.

After a disappointing finish to Major 1 and the drama surrounding the team when they released Dashy, they bounced back in Major 2, finishing 4th overall. Amid Scump retiring after the first weekend, it was a bit surprising to see the team have so much success, as they regained team chemistry quicker than expected.

Now, the team will undergo more changes. iLLeY took to Twitter, saying he's a "restricted F/A" and to "bang my line if you want to win."

Taking losses isn't easy but losing badly to the Minnesota RØkkr 3-0 in the Winners Round 2 and then being bounced by the LA Thieves 3-1 appears to have really hit home. Making the decision to drop iLLeY, who excelled at SnD but struggled on other game modes, making highlight snipes throughout, couldn't have been an easy one.

It's unclear who will replace iLLeY and there's no certainty that he'll find a squad to team up with before the next Major, which is in Texas, with qualifiers beginning February 17.

UPDATE: OpTic Texas signed Daniel Rothe, aka Ghosty, who was previously with the Challengers team, Decimate Gaming.

Here is what the Call of Duty League community and fans are saying about the move: