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Call of Duty Leaker Reveals Season 1 Weapons Coming to Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is launching with more than 100 weapons and there will be even more with every season. Now, a trusted leaker has shared some possible guns coming to MW3 in Season 1.

Season 1 is coming in December, meaning there will be more weapons added less than a month after launch. There are already 114 weapons planned for launch but players are already curious what more may be on the way.

Leaker BobNetworkUK recently tweeted five new possible weapons coming to MW3 in Season 1.

Leaked Weapons Coming in MW3 Season 1

BobNetworkUK shared five new weapons coming in December.

According to the trusted leaker, Season 1 will have two new assault rifles, one new SMG, a sniper, and an LMG. Three of the weapons will be available when Season 1 launches:

  • IWI Tavor X95
  • FN Evolys LMG
  • Cadex CX-50 Tremor
modern warfare 3 ram-7 gun

Two more weapons will be part of Season One Reloaded, an update coming in January:

  • Beretta PMX SMG
  • ARX160

Of course, this is according to the leak so take this all with a grain of salt. So far, developers have not confirmed what weapons will be added to the game later on so stay tuned.

Call of Duty Players Respond to Possible Weapon Leaks

In response to BobNetworkUK’s reveal, CoD players are hoping the RAM-7 is truly on its way. This weapon is from the original Modern Warfare back in 2019 and was also featured in Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009, although it was called the TAR-21 then. It looks like it will be called the IWI Tavor X95 in Modern Warfare 3 if the leaks are to be believed.

Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer is coming on Friday, November 10. It will have 114 weapons to play with but more are on the way later this year.