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Slide Canceling & Dead Silence Return in Modern Warfare 3

Some fan favorite features are back in Modern Warfare 3

Today at the Call of Duty: NEXT showcase, a lot of new information around Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer was revealed. This included news of some fan favorite features returning such as slide and reload canceling, dead silence, map voting and much more.

Returning Maps

First of all, the 16 launch maps for Modern Warfare 3 will be the same launch maps from Modern Warfare 2 (2009). This includes fan favorites such as Highrise and Rust. In the beta, which starts on October 6th, fans will be able to play on Favela, Estate, Skidrow, Rust and Highrise.

MW3 COD Next

Of course, many players will be familiar with these maps. However, game modes such as Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed were released after 2009, and therefore this will be the first chance to play those modes on these old school maps.

Fans who are looking for new experiences have no need to worry, with Call of Duty confirming a minimum of 12 new 6v6 maps coming post-launch, with three maps coming in Season 1.

Returning Features

There are a number of new features coming to Modern Warfare 3. But we also see some fan favorites coming back.

Map Voting: Map Voting returns between matches, giving players greater autonomy over their gameplay experience.

Classic Minimap: Series veterans should be right at home with the classic minimap, wherein red dots appear on the map to temporarily show the position of enemies who fire unsuppressed weapons.

Dead Silence: Persistent silent movement returns in the form of boots that can be equipped in one’s Loadout, offering stealth advantages to those seeking a low profile.

Increased Health: Core Multiplayer health is being increased to 150 points, thus increasing the Time-to-Kill (TTK).

In addition to this, slide canceling and reload canceling are also returning. This will increase the gameplay speed of Modern Warfare 3 compared to this year's Modern Warfare 2. Tactical Sprint duration is also increased along with strafe speed.

From what we can see so far, it seems as though Modern Warfare 3 will be bringing back a lot of features that the community have wished for, and it will definitely make fans happy.