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Palworld Gets First Raid Battle, Reveals Bellanoir

In the first big Palworld update since the game's launch, Pal trainers will have the chance to battle an evil Pal known as Bellanoir.

Palworld is getting its first raid. 

Developer Pocketpair has just revealed a massive Palworld update that will have gamers taking part in the game's first raid, called Bellanoir. In a tweet, Palworld stated: "A powerful evil Pal has appeared and is laying siege to the Palpagos Islands! Only the most skilled Pal Tamers stand a chance against her." 

The trailer is very intense, showing a Pal trainer approaching a fiery podium where Bellanoir emerges. She then floats menacingly above the traine rand their Pals as meteors fly down from the sky in a burning blaze. Yeah, it's definitely looking a bit scary. 

Pocketpair has consistently provided game updates to Palworld but it has largely been bug fixes and balancing. The release of Bellanoir and its nail-biting raid battle is the first big gameplay update since the game's launch earlier this year. 

Of course, there will be other updates along with the battle rad. This includes more bug fixes and even a new feature: touchups to base management. 

Bellanoir Pal raid battle

Elsewhere, Palworld community chief Bucky teased another addition coming in the update: touchups to base management. There's also speculation that the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 soon. 

Despite the game's success and continued growth, there's been a lot controversy surrounding Palworld. Mainly, the developers have been accused of copying Pokémon designs