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Team Biffle Wins WSOW Global Finals Trios While Skullface Takes SoloYolo

After back to back second places, Biffle finally wins the World Series of Warzone, while Skullface takes the SoloYolo, adding to his Trios win last year

The best Call of Duty: Warzone players from around the world came to the Copper Box Arena in London to compete for a massive $600K, with $500K of that going to the winner of the trios.

Biffle, Sage & Shifty win WSOW Trios

Two teams were fighting it out throughout the whole tournament, with Hisoka, Skullface and Mayappo taking Biffle, Sage and Shifty down to the final game. However, Team Biffle completely dominated in the final map, and already with a 50 point lead they went on to win the first ever World Series of Warzone LAN with an insanely impressive 218.2 points, and 101 kills across all maps.

“I’ve always thought NA had more talent in COD. I feel like it’s always been dominated by NA, and maybe the ping deters EU players from grinding, but I just see NA players grinding so much more.” Shifty said in the post tournament Press Conference.

The trio started the tournament hot, putting up 22 kills in the first map. This was the joint highest, but it was incredibly impressive as they placed just 13th in that map. However, map two was a different story, with the three going on to take 1st place with even more kills, this time putting up 24.

At this point in the competition, Team Biffle were already far ahead of the rest of the competition. “We thought it was going to be so hard, we we’re ready for a real fight. So I’m kinda surprised it went like this” said Sage. In map three they placed 16th with 19 kills, and while this may not be incredible. It was this consistency that kept them in the lead.

"We've been practicing for a long time. We knew it wasn't going to be easy, we knew the meta would be cringe at this LAN event, but we got around it. We knew we could get the kills, and people thought that we couldn't win games. But that's the cherry on top, we won games, and got 200 points on LAN." - Sage in the press conference

The trio went on to win the final map, and this saw them crowned as the first ever World Series of Warzone Global LAN Champions. Shifty clearly thrives on LAN, he looked in his element and performed as such. This undoubtedly dispels the hackusations that he’s been receiving, and we hope to see the Champions continue to dominate in the future.

Skullface Wins SoloYolo

However, the competition continued. With the SoloYolo taking place at the end of the day. This was an insanely close game, with it coming down to the very final pixels. A strange event happened in the middle of the map, with Sage gifting Skullface his Gulag win. Sage said "I got a Gulag token so that was my second time. I said to my chat, I've got my win, someone else deserves to win this, and Skull could definitely do it, so I had to give it to him".

"I didn't even see his name. When I killed him, I looked around because I thought it was a reset. But I understand, he's an aggressive player so might not think he has a chance in the SoloYolo. But I guess those years of playing Solo's at 3am have payed off!" - Skullface in the press conference.

After that strange situation, the game got much closer. Hisoka looked the favorite to win towards end. However, after he was taken down by an airstrike, Skullface took his spot on the pipes above the ground. He went unnoticed, before dropping down on two players and taking the victory.