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Team Scrappy Wins $75K The Flank MW3 Invitational

Scrappy, Insight, Hydra and Kismet take home the $40K first place prize

The Flank Invitational was an incredible event, showcasing the best Call of Duty players in the world. In a tournament that lasted almost 12 hours, it was the Toronto Ultra and New York Subliners roster of Insight, Scrappy, Hydra and Kismet who came out on top.

The $75,000 Flank Invitational saw all 12 Call of Duty League teams compete with their Assault Rifle and SMG duos separated, and then drawn randomly to create full rosters. This saw some interesting teams, with ex-teammates back on the same roster, and even current teammates competing against each other.

Scrap, Insight, Hydra & Kismet Win The Flank Invitational

The tournament kicked off with some controversy around this team already, with Scrappy donating $300 for a respin on the wheel and a different SMG duo for himself and Insight. This paid off, as they were matched up with the 2023 Championship winners, Hydra and Kismet. Hydra and Kismet were the best SMG duo in the Modern Warfare 2 season, and don’t seem to have slowed down in Modern Warfare 3.

Heading into the tournament, Scrappy placed 4th in the 12-man Free For All match. This match determined the seeding for the event, and a 4th place finish earned his team a bye and put them straight into winners round two. Here, they easily dispatched of Team Vivid, before moving on to slightly harder opponents in Team Sib. Team Sib was stacked, with Pred, Shotzzy, Sib and Skyz. However, they were no issue for Scrap’s team as a quick 3-0 saw them advance to Winners Finals.

The Winners Finals was one of the best series of the night, going the distance to a map five. However, Scrap and his roster came through once again, booking their place in the Grand Finals and a rematch with Team Sib.

This was an intense series, with Team Scrappy nearly taking the 3-0 if it wasn't for an exceptional last-minute play from Shotzzy in the final moments of map three. Shotzzy was in fact one of the best players throughout the entire tournament, and will yet aagin be a player to watch in Modern Warfare 3.

In the end, it was Scrappy, Insight, HyDra and Kismet who took home the $40,000 prize for first place in what was undoubtedly the best tournament of the offseason so far. This was expected given the quality of the players on this team, however, some of the matches were extremely close, and it wasn’t an easy ride through the bracket.

The Flank Invitational Final Standings

  1. Team Scrappy ($40,000)
  2. Team Sib ($20,000)
  3. Team Huke ($15,000)
  4. Team Lucky
  5. Team JoeDeceives
  6. Team Standy
  7. Team Purj
  8. Team Owakening
  9. Team Vivid
  10. Team Diamondcon
  11. Team Snoopy
  12. Team Cammy

How to Watch the Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League finally returns at 3pm ET on December 8th with the first week of Major 1 Qualifiers. Boston Breach take on Atlanta FaZe in the first series of the night in what will be an extremely intense matchup.