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With the Patch Notes being released March 15 for the Call of Duty MW2 Season 02 Reloaded, it brings many questions of what guns to now use. Most players are using the Assault Rifle, TAQ-56 and the SMG Vaznev-9k because that's what all the CDL Pros use. 

Tuning is now disabled in Ranked Play and the AR Kastov 762 is banned. It's no surprise, as this has been GAd or banned at the Pro level, and Ranked Play is going to similarly follow what they do.

But the aspect of tuning guns gave players the ability to adjust their guns to what they wanted. Whether it was faster ADS (aim down site) speed, better recoil, or further damage range — it's now just your standard weapon attachments.

With Season 02 reloaded in full swing, what guns should you be using in Call of Duty Ranked Play? Here is the best AR and SMG build you should be running against your Ranked Play enemies.



This TAQ build is a bit of a combination of what Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst and Seth "Scump" Abner were using. Scump, as we all know, has been the face of Call of Duty for many years, and Scrap is the overwhelming favorite to be the Rookie of the Year.

 Many were using the FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel, but with the new update, it's time to switch to EDGE-47 Grip. The accuracy and recoil control boost you get from this attachment will have you hitting long-range shots, as a Main AR should. The 17.5" Tundra Pro Barrel gives you the damage increase and range to hold angles and watch over your teammates on the hill. 

Adding the TV Cardinal Stock gives you added mobility to help pick off enemies when you're on the flank. Throw on the Demo Cleanshot Grip to give you better overall handling, which will have you ADSing quicker than your opponent. 

Some may want to put a muzzle on, but with the Season 02 Reloaded update, skip that and put 5.56 High Velocity rounds on to get smoother accuracy and add to your range. But if you really want to put a muzzle on instead of adding ammunition, put the FJX Fulcrum Pro on to make your recoil much easier to control.



This Vaznev build comes straight from the OpTic Texas superstar, Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro. If you're going to trust a Professional Call of Duty League player's gun build, he's the one to go to for the SMG. The FSS Sharkfin 90 underbarrel attachment improves the gun's overall accuracy while not hindering overall mobility. 

Attaching the Bruen Pendulum to the muzzle brings down the recoil control. While the handling takes a hit, making the recoil smooth like butter will have you hitting every bullet. You can use the Otrezat Stock or Broadside FCT for your stock. If you want better mobility and handling, throw on the Otrezat. 

If you want better overall accuracy, use the Broadside. The rear grip will be determined by what stock you use. Pair the Otrezat with the Demo-X2 Grip to get a nice mobility and recoil control combination. Use the True-Tac Grip if you are using the Broadside stock to counteract the mobility decrease from the stock. Only four attachments? Yes. 

Adding a barrel doesn't have any benefit; it actually hurts your mobility, which is counterintuitive to what you want out of an SMG. You also don't need a site, and adding more to your magazine will have you moving like an AR.