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Thieves and OpTic meet in Major 4 Finals - LAT Take Championship

The Los Angeles Thieves are your Major 4 Call of Duty League Champions.
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Major 4 of the Call of Duty League has been nothing short of spectacular. We've seen almost everything, from reverse sweeps, kill records, and major upsets. The two that sat atop the bracket meet in the finals. The Los Angeles Thieves and OpTic Texas battled it out to be crowned as Major 4 Champions.

Hydro Hardpoint

It all started by swimming around Hydro. They are two of the worst teams when it comes to rotations but also two of the best at holding points. It was a tightly contested match, with Octane leading the way for the Thieves. He was able to cut off flanks and hold down angles over the hill while pinching OpTic off at mid-map. Ghosty ran into his bit of struggles for OpTic, posting just 16 kills and a 0.64 K/D. Thieves take the close fight, 250-200.

Hotel SnD

Time for the regain for OpTic. Ghosty quickly bounced back in the round, landing eight kills and finding some clutch moments. But Shotzzy was the human highlight reel throughout the round. He ended with 11 kills and a 2.20 K/D as he put the team on his back for the 6-3 win. For how dominant Drazah is on SnD for the Thieves, he couldn't find his stride this round. 

Expo Control

Back and forth we go in this star-studded matchup. Sitting 1-1 with the Thieves dropping the last map, they came back firing. Each of the four players went positive, dropping just one map to OpTic, winning 3-1. After a dominant round of SnD for Shotzzy, he had ten more deaths than kills, finishing the map 18k/28d.

Fortress Hardpoint

For how much heat Fortress takes as a map, OpTic seems to excel on it. Huke and Dashy started the match slow but got going in this one. Dashy ended up with 25 kills and a 1.47 K/D, with Huke totaling 27 kills and a 1.42 K/D. But the story of the map was the comms coordinator and map facilitator, Ghosty. Ending the round with 29 kills and a 2.07 while ensuring the team is aligned properly is a stellar performance for the rookie. 

Asilo SnD

All tied up now, 2-2 heading into the map that will give either team the match point. Being a dominant team in SnD, it's not surprising to see the Thieves regain after their last match. Drazah didn't put up the numbers we've become accustomed to seeing but was a key factor in shutting down the OpTic attack. Huke struggled to get going for OpTic with just three kills, and the Thieves take the 3-2 lead and are just one win away from winning the Major 4 Championship.

Asilo Control

In a win-or-go-home match for OpTic Texas, they came out firing right away. Ghosty was hitting tough shots, and Shotzzy was doing his thing. It was looking like we were headed to a game seven to decide the series before the Thieves turned things around. Kenny was frying, ending the round with 30 Kills and a 1.43 K/D. Envoy may not have had the series he was hoping for, but he landed 11 Zone tier Captures, cementing a victory for the Thieves

The Los Angeles Thieves are your Call of Duty League Major 4 Champions, with Sam "Octane" Larew winning MVP.