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Wow. Fans and players alike couldn't have asked for a better environment for Major 3 of the Call of Duty League. If you've never attended one of these events, you're missing out.

The atmosphere and energy the crowd brings are unmatched. The delicious smell of Texas food filling the air. It doesn't get better than this.

And when the hometown team fights and scraps their way to the Grand Finals, it doesn't get any better. 

Let's go, OpTic. Let's go, OpTic. Let's go. OpTic filled the arena the entire match, followed by boo after boo directed at Toronto Ultra. This can't be easy playing against the hometown team with a relentless crowd.

Scrap: They're nuts. OpTic fans, the Green Wall; they'll definitely get loud and let you know when you're not on the right side of the stage.

You know the crowd will be bringing it. And that they did.

Hotel Hardpoint

OpTic started off struggling to get anything going. It was close at the beginning but Ultra quickly took a big lead. The entire Toronto team was flying around the map, finding kills, and getting time on the hill. Ultra takes the Hotel Hardpoint with ease, 250-152.

Fortress SnD

This is a map that OpTic has shown flashes of excellence all year. And that's exactly what they did, getting out to a quick 5-0 lead and what would be an easy win. But not so fast. Ultra stormed back to bring the deficit to just 5-3, looking to make the improbable comeback. Unfortunately for Ultra, they couldn't keep it up, and they fall 6-3, allowing OpTic to tie the series 1-1.

Hotel Control

Every single one of the control rounds was tightly fought. Back and forth we go, down to seconds left in each round. The strategic play of each team was on display. Being the best defensive team, Ultra showed why no round is safe when you're attacking against them. The game was brought to the final round, with OpTic squeaking it out and taking the lead in the match, 2-1.

Hydro Hardpoint

We were in for a treat as a heavyweight slugfest took place. Maps like these are where Brandon "Dashy" Otell shines with the AR. Taq in hand, he was hitting his shots, on his way to 29 total kills. But it wasn't enough, as Ultra took them down 250-170 and ties the series 2-2. Thomas "Scrappy" Ernst and Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks were hitting differently in this one. Allowing these two to get going like that is going to make the rest of the night scarier for OpTic. 

Hotel SnD

It started a bit like Fortress SnD, with OpTic going up 3-0 before Ultra was able to find a round win. For a team as strong as Ultra in SnD, it was a bit surprising to see them struggle during these rounds. And did they ever turn it around, bringing it to a 5-3 in Ultra's favor and eventually closing it out in a round 11. Ultra is one win away from taking home the Major 3 Championship.

El Asilo Control

In what was a well-fought game by OpTic was shut down quickly by Ultra. One of the best defending teams in the Call of Duty League proved why being strategic in your setup will get you far in these events. OpTic brought it to a round five, but with Ultra on defense, it was all but over, and Ultra takes it 3-2.

Toronto Ultra is your Call of Duty League Major 3 Champions. They played lights out all weekend and get a deserving win. OpTic fought as hard as they could and played tremendously this weekend, despite falling just short. 

You can bet both teams will be back fighting for another Major Championship.