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It's been a rocky start for Toronto Ultra in Stage 4. After being a top-three team coming out of Qualififers in the last three Majors, they're starting Major 4 in the Losers Bracket. While the outcome wasn't what Ultra was hoping for, Charlie "Hicksy" Hicks says the vibes are still positive.

Throughout Stage 4, Ultra lost to Boston Breach, Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, and Vegas Legion but swept the Florida Mutineers 3-0. Despite those losses, all they needed were a few bounces to go their way, and the conversation would be completely different.

They get Boston for their first match in Major 4, which they defeated on their way to a Major 3 Championship. Boston is coming off of a tough loss against OpTic Texas, and Toronto will look to capitalize on what looked to be a shaky team.

In a recent interview with Esports Illustrated, Hicksy had this to say about how the team is feeling headed into the Major and what it's like playing with this star-studded lineup:

What's the mindset heading into Major 4?

Well, yeah, obviously not going the way we expected after a win. Fortunately, I think our group is probably the tightest-knit group, so we're not the type of people to start questioning each other. We're still like, if you saw the vibes, you know, right now at the event or after games are over, you probably think we were 4-1 rather than one or four so. It's definitely good vibes. Obviously, we'll try and make the best out of this situation. We can obviously make a run. Teams have done it. Thieves did it, Major 1. OpTic did it, Major 3. So a Losers Bracket run is obviously possible, and if anyone could do it, why not us?

What's it been like playing alongside Scrap, Insight, and CleanX?

I mean, it's ridiculous. Obviously, Scrap, I played with all of last year and I knew from my side, playing with me, he was one of the most talented players I've ever seen and then obviously gets his chance, and he's gone on to be in the MVP, conversation. So that's come to fruition. Jamie and Toby as well. I've played, not with, played against, seeing them in challenges way back in, like Black Ops 4, MW, before they both got picked up to the league. So I've known how good they've been for a while, and at the same time, obviously good friends with all three of them. So that obviously makes it even better.

Catch Toronto Ultra on the Main Stage against Boston Breach in their first match of Major 4 at 6:00 pm EST, April 21.

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