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Everything You Need to Know about Warzone: Urzikstan

Warzone’s biggest update ever is coming tomorrow, so here’s everything you need to know before you drop in

Call of Duty: Warzone is receiving its biggest update ever tomorrow with the release of the Urzikstan map on December 6th. Along with all the content coming to Modern Warfare 3 with season one, this Warzone update is massive.

  • Brand new gameplay mechanics
  • Movement updates
  • New Perk system with default perks
  • New Gulag with additional gameplay features

When does Warzone Urzikstan release?

Warzone’s Urzikstan update will be released on December 6th at 12 pm ET. It will come with the Season One update for Modern Warfare 3 so players will need to download the update.

Warzone Movement Updates

With the release of the Urzikstan map, Warzone will move over to feature all of the movement mechanics that are in Modern Warfare 3. This means that Slide canceling will return, along with the addition of Tac-Stance, ADS while sliding, running while reloading and more.

Warzone Gameplay Updates

Warzone Roadmap

This new Warzone update will bring a number of new gameplay mechanics:

  • Backup Pistol: Always have a dedicated pistol when swimming or climbing ladders or ledge hanging, no matter your Loadout.
  • Improved Water Combat: Alongside the dedicated pistol, improvements have been made to water visibility such that it is now easier to see targets both when in and out of the water.
  • Manual Gas Mask: You can now manually choose when to equip the Gas Mask. When looking at a Gas Mask on the ground, Players are presented with two options: Equip it, or Stow it. Equipping the Gas Mask will begin the equip animation of putting it onto their face. Stowing the Gas Mask will place it in the Backpack for Players to manually equip at a later time. As a result, the animation will no longer interrupt gameplay, and importantly Players will only hear the heavy breathing sound effect while in the Gas.
  • Experimental Gas Grenade: This Tear Gas Tactical now deals gas damage, and as such can be countered with an equipped Gas Mask.
  • Dedicated Ammo Slots: Specific new Backpack slots cater to ammo, allowing quick and easy access. These slots will be automatically filled as Players find ammo. Additional ammo can still be stored in the all-purpose Backpack slots.
  • Loot Rarity: Weapons, equipment, killstreaks, and more will now appear with a color-coded tooltip to indicate the value and rarity of the item, as well as if a weapon is from a “Custom Loadout”.
  • Contract Activation Laptop: Players will now activate Contracts by interacting with larger, more easily identifiable laptops found throughout the map.
  • Updated Tac Map Icons: The entirety of the Tac Map has been updated to better serve you, with a variety of easily distinguishable new icons.
  • Classic Red Dots: The classic minimap will feature within Call of Duty: Warzone; firing unsuppressed weapons causes Operators to momentarily appear as a red dot on the minimap.
  • Improved Loot Spreading: Players will now notice that the loot distribution and spread when opening a Supply Box or eliminating an enemy has received improvements to minimize loot overlap and facilitate loot identification.

New Warzone Elements

The new Urzikstan Warzone map features a lot of new map elements. One of those is a brand new drivable Train. This Train is a new mobile POI, that is killed with a buy station, ammo depot, legendary supply crates and much more.

Horizontal Ziplines also arrive, allowing players to move around the map easier than ever mode. While Vertical Ziplines have been in Warzone for a while, this is a brand new way to traverse the map that will make matches much more fast-paced.

New Perks

Players will be able to choose a custom or pre-set Perk package that contains four perks that become active when you claim your loadout. However, several Perks will now be active by default in Warzone:

Warzone Urzikstan Perks
  • Tac Pads: Improves slide distance and allows for full ADS while sliding, along with increased stance transition speeds.
  • Commando Gloves: Enables reloading while running.
  • Quick-Grip Gloves: Increases your weapon swap speed.
  • Climbing Boots: Increases climbing and mantling speed aspect.
  • Overkill: Allows you to pick two Primary Weapons.

There are also a number of brand-new Perks coming to Warzone:

  • Irradiated: Move faster and take less damage while in the gas.
  • Tempered: Now also available as a Custom Perk, Tempered allows you to refill armor plates to full with two plates instead of three.
  • Combat Scout: Bullets you fire briefly ping an enemy for you and your squad. Hitting the enemy from farther away increases the ping time.
  • Resolute: When taking damage from gunfire, this grants a short bonus to movement speed.
  • Shrouded: Drop a smoke grenade when downed.
  • Mountaineer: Reduces fall damage.
  • Stalker: Increased strafe and aim down sight movement speed.
  • Escapist: Increased downed, prone, and crouch speed.
  • Primed: Accuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumping.
  • Faculty: Delay-triggered explosives while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduces combat noise.

New Gulag

Urzikstan will feature a brand new Gulag with new gameplay features.

  • Ascender Overtime Finisher: Replacing the old overtime flag, players are now provided an exfil rope that drops into the middle of the Gulag during the match allowing extraction – but, be warned! You can both shoot and be shot at from the Ascender!
  • Gulag Public Events: Several new Public Events may also occur within the Gulag, such as Go Again (an additional Gulag attempt if you lose the first fight), Cash Grab (more money on the floor with a big stack in the middle of the map) and Locked & Loaded Weapons (AMG + SMG Loadout with full armor), helping the victor by bringing back some much-needed power items into the match.

Night Vision Gulag (In-Season): NVG has a new name, as the Gulag will occasionally go dark while equipping Operators with night-vision goggles for a fun new twist on the Gulag experience.