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Modern Warfare 3 is bringing a bunch of new features that fans can try out when the beta launches on October 6th. One of those is Tac-Stance, a new core mechanic in MW3 that gives players a new way to engage in combat. Here’s everything you need to know about Tac-Stance.

What is Tac-Stance in MW3?

Tac-Stance is described as a “perfect middle ground between hip-fire and aiming down sights.” This means that you’ll get increased mobility, but reduced accuracy while in Tac-Stance.

You won’t be able to aim down sights while in Tac-Stance. However, you will still have some of the benefit in accuracy as if you were. You’ll also get increased movement, meaning that Tac-Stance is perfect for close-quarter combat especially inside of buildings. This means that it is suited to be used in an aggressive playstyle.

MW3 Tac-Stance COD NEXT

Tac-Stance can be toggled while you are aiming down sights, allowing you to quickly switch to it when you need to.

“Toggle in and out of the new Tac-Stance at any time, a perfect middle ground between Hip Fire and ADS. Tac-Stance balances mobility with accuracy for more aggressive play with supported weaponry, dramatically increasing ADS movement speed while introducing bullet spread. Operators can fire in Tac-Stance while sliding as well.”

You are also able to remap the toggle for Tac-Stance, allowing you to change it to fit your controller and playstyle.

This is a feature that fits in well with a number of other additions to Modern Warfare 3 such as the return of slide canceling and reload canceling, catering this game more towards the fast and aggressive players.

It will be interesting to see how Tac-Stance is used by players in Warzone, as the new Warzone map features Modern Warfare 3’s movement from launch. However, from what creators are saying at COD: Next, the movement in Modern Warfare 3 seems to be fluid and fast. Fans can try it out themselves from October 6th when the beta launches.