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The World Series of Warzone Global Finals are right around the corner, taking place on Saturday, 16 September at the Copperbox Arena in London. With 150 of the best Warzone players from around the world coming to compete for $600K in prize money, it’s set to be the biggest and best Call of Duty: Warzone tournament yet.

However, the World Series of Warzone features a different scoring system to regular esports such as the Call of Duty League. Here’s everything you need to know, including the format, how scoring works and how to watch.


The World Series of Warzone Global Finals will see teams play six maps following the normal one point per kill with placement score multipliers. This will then be followed by a SoloYolo game, where all 150 players will be playing against each other looking to take first place, and $100K.

Scoring System

The scoring system for Warzone competitions has changed over the years. However, the World Series of Warzone scoring has remained the same since the beginning. Teams earn one point per kill. This is standard in most Battle Royales, however the placement multipliers are different here in Warzone.

WSOW Scoring System



2x Points

2nd - 5th

1.8x Points

6th - 10th

1.6x Points

11th - 20th

1.4x Points

21st - 35th

1.2x Points

36th - 50th

1x Points

This means that for example, if you win a match with 10 kills across your team, you'll get 20 points. However, if you came 2nd with the same number of kills, you'd only get 18 points. While this may not be a massive difference, it definitely changes the game when you get to the later matches in the event. Teams will have to plan their strategy in a way that promotes kills but also gives them a good chance of winning.

While everyone wants to win the game, it's much better to come 5th with 25 kills than first with just 15 as you'll get more points after the multipliers have been added.

A perfect example of this is the team of Jukeyz, Fifakill and WarsZ in the inaugural World Series of Warzone back in 2021. Fifakill is known for his great positioning and ability to stay alive throughout the game, hence his SoloYolo victory last year. This doesn't mean he cant slay out, but Jukeyz and WarsZ were the better slayers in the team. Therefore, this team split into two, sending Jukeyz and WarsZ off to rack up points through kills, while Fifakill played slower, held positions and bought them back if needed.

These three played the system perfectly, and we expect many teams to replicate that at this years World Series of Warzone Global Finals.

Schedule & How to Watch

The World Series of Warzone Global Finals will start at 3pm BST (7am PST) on Saturday, 16 September. With six matches to kick off the main tournament before the final SoloYolo match starting at 8pm BST (1pm PST). You can watch on the Call of Duty Twitch or YouTube Channels, and every player competing will also be streaming their individual POV.