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"Let's Free the Female Agents": Female CS2 Team Asks Valve to Add Free Female Agent Skins

The women behind Astralis' all-female pro CS2 team have asked Valve to make some changes to female agent skins in-game. The reaction has been mixed.

A group of pro Counter-Strike 2 players are asking Valve to make some changes regarding female agent skins. 

Counter-Strike has long been seen as a game dominated by male players, especially in the esports scene. As diversity has become more of an initiative in the classic shooter, a group of female pro players have come forward with some concerns for Valve. 

Astralis' female CS2 team recently shared an open letter to Valve that discussed some of their wishes for female agent skins in-game. The letter was shared by Josefine Jensen on Twitter. 

"We love your game, which today is an important part of our lives. [...] Unfortunately, we currently feel we are only guests at the party," the letter started. 

According to the all-women CS2 team, all default skins are male. Meanwhile, if you want to use a female agent skin, you have to pay extra. The team explained that this feels "unfair and unwelcoming," especially when the pro squad already feels they face a lot of sexism in the CS2 community. 

CS2 female agent skins

"There should be no difference between agents. There should be as many free female agents as free male agents," the letter continued. "We believe more women would start playing the game if there were default free female agents, and at least those of us playing would feel more welcome." 

The players then said that this would be a step towards inclusivity. 

"Let's free the female agent," the letter concluded. 

The reaction to the request from Aurora, Josefine, Marie, Anja, and Ismo was met with varying opinions. Some felt that there were bigger problems with Counter-Strike 2 to focus on, including subtick issues and anti-cheat improvements. Others felt that it was worth trying to add a female agent as a default but felt it wouldn't drastically increase the amount of female players. 

While there was a lot of expected criticism towards the Astralis team, with some even mocking them for not having any "real problems" to deal with, some gamers ultimately asked: "Why not?" 

Valve has yet to respond to the open letter so it's unclear if more free female agent skins will be added as a default in CS2 in the future.