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Is Train Coming to CS2?

Counter-Strike 2 has been hit or miss for a lot of the competitive community. But there’s possibly some good news for fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, according to dataminers.

Long-time FPS players have been struggling to enjoy Counter-Strike 2 because it’s missing a lot of what made CS:GO such a popular and classic shooter. Valve has continued trying to add content and this includes an upcoming rework of Train, if dataminers are to be believed.

A trusted Counter-Strike leaker took to X to show some strings of code within CS2 that looks to be about Train, a fan-favorite map from CS:GO that’s missing from the new game.

Is Train Coming to Counter-Strike 2?

After a recent update, CS2 leaker Gabe Follower saw some files within the game that reference Train, a popular Counter-Strike map. In his screenshots, you can see various models for different things on the Train map, including gutters.

Train map in csgo

This does not confirm that Train is coming, but it’s a huge possibility. Gamers are anticipating that it may make its way to the Source 2 engine with some upgrades.

Train is one of the most popular maps of all time. It appeared in the first Counter-Strike and has remained a favorite amongst competitive players. To balance it for Counter-Strike 2, developers may attempt to make the map a bit more complex like newer map layouts and work it to be more balanced between the Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist sides.

The response has been positive so far. CS2 players are praying to the FPS Gods that Train is returning. It’s often considered one of the best competitive maps in the game despite its flaws. Others feel it’s Valve’s way of building up hype after a disappointing launch.

When Is Train Coming to Counter-Strike 2?

It may be a while before Train comes to CS2 if the leaks are to be believed.

The latest update was just five days ago and Valve has claimed it’s the last update of 2023. That means players shouldn’t expect any big content updates for the rest of the year, especially with the holidays quickly approaching.

FPS fans that are excited for the Train remake can check out a port of CS:GO’s iconic map in the Steam Workshop, created by RockFeller. Of course, this doesn’t mean the map is in ranked or esports matches, so hardcore fans will have to wait and see if the map finally arrives next year.