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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Full Version 1.1 Patch Notes — Lucilius joins the cast

New character, new map and huge gameplay changes headline the latest GBVSR patch. We've got the full patch notes for Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Version 1.1

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising just released Version 1.1 and it’s bringing a new DLC character, new stage, and some much-needed gameplay fixes.

New DLC Character: Lucilius

Lucilius has been added as a playable character and Premium Avatar. A music track, weapon skins, badges, titles, card design, and a sticker related to Lucilius have also been added.

Lucilius character art

Lucilius was once the head researcher at a lab and his genius led to an abundance of breakthroughs. One of the most notable was the birth of the original primal beasts. Lucilius reacted to the gods’ designs as research continued and decided to create fallen angels to essentially destroy the world.

In battle, Lucilius has powerful movies but long cooldowns. These cooldowns will shrink as he raises his blade levels, bringing “world-ending punishment” later on. His projectile has high priority and even absorbs incoming projectiles, making him quite the threat from afar. He can then rush in and use his fast attacks from mid-screen or get up close for some combos.

You can find Lucilius under Special Content in the shop.

Full Version 1.1 Patch Notes

General Updates in Version 1.1

  • Feendrache, a new stage, has been added
  • The sound effect that plays on the results screen when a character level goes up has been fixed
  • Added the option to display default outfits for online matches from the Battle Settings screen in the Options menu

Arcade Mode Updates

  • Increased experience points earned from winning a match

Online Lobby

  • Added the option to begin spectating a match halfway through
  • The option to cancel spectating a match midway was also added to the pause menu
  • Added the option to autosave replays of spectated matches from the Battle Settings screen in the Options menu
  • Increased the font size of template messages

Grand Bruise!

  • Increased experience points earned
  • Adjusted item spawn rate in Golem Defense Force
  • Changed music for some stages


  • Adjusted Online Match pop-up messages so that they don't obscure partners and their speech balloons
  • Changed partner dialogue playback for when raising your Versus Rank. Partners will now comment when returning to the standby screen or Online Lobby, rather than the results screen

Avatar Select Screen

  • Rarity is now displayed when selecting a Weapon Cutout

Draw Tickets

  • Added the option to skip draw animation


  • Added Relink Save Data Link to the System Settings screen from the Options menu
  • A special lobby avatar and badge can be obtained by linking save data with Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when viewing the properties for Yuel's Hanaarashi skill, an incorrect button input was displayed
  • Fixed an issue with Seox's weapon skin, Mistfall Claws', EX color displaying improperly during some cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to select EX colors for Avatar Belial's weapon skins
  • Fixed an issue where some figures in the Figure Studio display as a cube when selected
  • Fixed an issue in the Online Lobby where the song New Horizons' playback gets cut off
  • Fixed an issue in the Online Lobby where the crane game's prizes do not refill in rare cases
  • Fixed an issue with profiles where the default Lunalu badge was not the correct badge Additionally, an issue where Free Edition users were able to remove their default badges has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from having no partner character selected
  • (PS5 only) Fixed an issue preventing some trophies from being obtained
  • Fixed text bugs
  • Applied minor bug fixes

Battle Adjustments

The following updates focus mainly on bug fixes.

Button inputs will use the following format:

=Light Attack/=Medium Attack/=Heavy Attack/=Unique Action


Issue: Evade

Solution: Fixed an issue where after evading a Raging Strike and then consequently evading a projectile, the Raging Strike evade animation would play again.


Issue: Crouching

Solution: Fixed an issue where a midair counter hit animation would incorrectly play after the animation finished.

Issue: The Great Fall

Solution: Fixed an issue where the game would crash when used with certain inputs in Training Mode.



Solution: Fixed an issue where if used right before landing, abilities or Skybound Arts performed would go in the wrong direction.


Issue: Raging Chain

Solution: Fixed an issue where if Narmaya changed stances prior to a Raging Chain, her stance would not change properly.


Issue:Rock Smash

Solution: Fixed an issue where Soriz's SBA gauge would fill twice upon connecting.


Issue: Dragon Gauge

Solution: Fixed an issue where after the dragon gauge has been depleted and Zooey uses Peacemaker's Wings during cooldown, the dragon gauge would not recover after.


Issue: Seven Spears of Lightning

Solution: Fixed an issue where using a Raging Strike would cause the game to crash. To fix an issue that caused Raging Chains to whiff after a successful Raging Strike, Seven Spears of Lightning projectiles no longer have a hitbox while a Raging Strike connects.


Issue: Dancing Storm

Solution: Fixed an issue where the technical input would still be registered when they had been turned off.

Issue: Wind Crest

Solution: Fixed an issue where Wind Crests that can't be used with a Gale Dash would appear.

Issue: Gale Dash

Solution: Fixed an issue where using another Gale Dash after finishing a Gale Dash before touching the ground would cause the follow-up version to activate. (The follow-up version refers to a Gale Dash with a faster start-up when used mid-movement.)

Issue: Holy Ray of Purification

Solution: Fixed an issue where if blocked by a skill such as Anre's Arm the Bastion, no hitstop would incur.


Issue: Misfortune

Solution: Added a sound effect for when guard point becomes active. Fixed an issue where even if Nier has taken damage, Death would activate guard point.

Issue: Misfortune

Solution: Guard point now ends on the skill's last active frame.

Issue: Pain(Jump)

Solution: Fixed an issue where if Love's Redemption (standing U) is used before Death returns to a neutral state, Nier would no longer be able to use U skills.

Issue: Klagen Totentanz

Solution: Fixed an issue where if blocked by a skill such as Anre's Arm the Bastion, the skill animation would play continuously afterward.

Issue: Drowned in an Exquisite and Eternal Adieu

Solution: Fixed an issue where the timer would continue counting down when used in a combo.


Issue: Karma

Solution: Fixed an issue where if Black Flies connects after Karma (U) connects or is blocked, the skill would behave abnormally. Due to this fix, after Karma (U) pulls in an opponent and connects, only the finishing hit connects now.

Issue: Anthem

Solution: Fixed an issue where if used in a combo, damage output was calculated incorrectly and would deal more damage than usual. Applied other minor bug fixes.