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How To Farm Free Super Credits In Helldivers 2

Super Credits are Helldivers 2's form of premium currency, but it's possible to actually farm it for free. Here's how.
  • Super Credits are typically purchased with real-world money in Helldivers 2, but players can earn them by just playing the game. 
  • Two ways to earn Super Credits are by progressing in the Helldivers Warbond or looting Super Credits in missions. 
  • Keeping mission time to a minimum is crucial, and farming Super Credits is easier on Trivial difficulty with a pre-set squad. 

Helldivers 2 has been a surprise smash success, taking the world by storm and infesting players with a sense of patriotism, all in the name of Managed Democracy. Naturally, as a live-service title, players are scrambling to get the edge and show off their superiority. One of the best ways to do so is by buying better gear with the game's in-game currency, Super Credits. Though purchasing Super Credits through the Acquisition Center or in-game store is easy enough (with 2,100 SC costing $19.99), the valuable premium currency can actually be acquired for free by just playing the game.

In addition to getting better gear at the Super Store, 1,000 Super Credits unlocks the Premium Warbond, Helldivers 2's version of the deluxe battle pass. While many games require players to fork over some money on the front end, nearly anyone can get the Premium Warbond by just putting in some work for Super Earth. Even more surprising is that it isn't hard to farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2, especially with a coordinated team, though it is possible to acquire enough going solo in the game

Rush Extraction To Farm Super Credits Quickly 

Helldivers 2 Promo Image Soldier

Helldivers kicking downed Terminids and giving the thumbs-up

The key to farming Super Credits quickly in Helldivers 2 is not wasting time in each mission. If the goal is to acquire as many Super Credits as possible, players should land near the outside of the extraction zone circle, then make their way through loot zones and the primary mission objective before quickly extracting. Super Credits can be found at points of interest in crates and containers that can be opened by interacting with them or using the Grenade Launcher Stratagem or Impact Grenade. SCs typically come in stacks of 10, though it's possible to find more per stack. Said points of interest will show up as "?" on the map or compass. 

It is also important to set the mission difficulty to Trivial and to choose Terminid missions (especially after the latest Helldivers 2 Terminid nerf), as that will allow for the quickest run for the party. "Eliminate Brood Commander" is one of the quicker Terminid missions to use along with this method, as it just requires killing the main boss rather than completing a drawn-out primary objective. Items and gear that increase movement speed and mobility will ensure speedy looting and extraction, which is another important factor in maximizing Super Credit farming efficiency. Light Armor is the best option, as it'll provide the most speed and stamina regen to farm as quickly as possible. 

Maximize Super Credit Farming Efficiency With A Pre-Made Squad

A squad of Helldivers 2 soldiers shooting bugs in the desert.

Helldivers 2 squad killing bugs in the desert

The best way to earn more Super Credits in Helldivers 2 is by dividing the looting responsibilities among team members in a coordinated party, whether that be cross-platform or on the same system. To farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2 with a squad: 

  1. Land on the outer edge of the extraction circle.
  2. Split the party so each member goes in different directions, with one team member going straight for the main objective.
  3. Loot the points of interest (the ? on the map) as quickly as possible.
  4. Once the main objective is complete, every member should make their way to the extraction point.
  5. Extract, then queue as quickly as possible for another easy Terminid mission.

This farming method is similar to how one would do this solo, except with a party, it'll be easier to cover more ground for the possible Super Credits acquired in each run. Realistically, with a good party, it's possible to farm anywhere from 100-500 credits per hour if each mission takes around 5 minutes and each player earns 10-50 Super Credits each mission. It's smart to rotate who completes the primary objective; that way, everyone can earn Credits together. 

Other Ways To Earn Super Credits Quickly For Free In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 new armor sets with Cutting Edge Warbond

New armor sets with Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Farming by completing easy missions isn't the only way to earn free Super Credits in Helldivers 2. In fact, it's fairly easy to earn nearly enough to buy the Premium Warbond without paying a dollar. Players can accumulate Super Credits via both the regular and Premium Warbonds by spending Warbond Medals gained when completing missions. Around 750 Super Credits can actually be earned with the normal Warbond. 

Ultimately, the easiest way to earn credits quickly is to buy them outright from the store, but it's more than possible to accumulate enough for free, especially with the right party of coordinated and dedicated Helldivers. Even without a specific farming strategy in mind, just completing the normal Warbond nets the player around 750 Super Credits, just slightly out of grasp for the premium battle pass.