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The top game from EVO 2022, Guilty Gear Strive, is set to begin its next season of DLC. Like last year, they kick off with an old favorite. Johnny, the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, will unlock for players later this month, which is sure to make many series faithful happy.

Johnny is one of the few characters that’s made an appearance in virtually every Guilty Gear release. And in terms of story, he leads the same group that May is a part of. In fact, Johnny is known as the object of all of her affections and a major motivator for all of her actions. And it’s not hard to see why. Johnny has always been one of the more stylish characters in the series, combining a “man in black” cowboy aesthetic with lighting quick Iaijutsu katana attacks.

Speaking of his playstyle in the trailer. Johnny looked just as smooth as he always does, but instead of using coins, he uses cards to trigger his Iaijutsu moves. We didn’t get a look at his second super move, but most of his kit looks familiar to anyone that’s played him in games past.

Johnny and Season 3 come with a litany of updates to the game that includes the new “Deflect Shield” push block and a new offensive mechanic called “Wild Assault”. ArcSys says that these new options will both cost meter, so players should use them sparingly. Also, with season 3 characters will get new special moves to round out their kit. In the trailer, we saw moves like May canceling her Tosugeki. The new DLC is set to drop on August 24th.