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Leffen Drops Out of The Big House 11 Over Death Threats

Super Smash Bros. Melee veteran William “Leffen” Hjeltehas is dropping out of the highly anticipated major The Big House 11 over alleged death threats.

Long-time Melee pro Leffen tweeted heading into the weekend that he was no longer attending TBH 11 because he no longer felt comfortable. It is unfortunate news because he’s one of the best Melee players going into the tourney due to a meaningful comeback after a lot of prior controversy and complaining.

After a lot of success with Guilty Gear - Strive - and other fighting games, Leffen was looking to prove himself in Melee once again at The Big House 11. Unfortunately, he is no longer attending and the Smash community has mixed reactions.

Leffen Drops Out of TBH 11 Over Death Threats and Drama

Leffen tweeted on October 20 that he was dropping out last minute.

“I will be dropping out of TBH. Due to receiving death threats since yesterday, I do not feel comfortable entering anymore, for my sake and others.I have already alerted and sent info to the TOs. Thanks for understanding,” he tweeted.

Leffen is known for being the God Slayer, taking down top Melee Gods throughout the last decade. But throughout that time, Leffen has also been known for his rivalries and controversies, seeming to make enemies with other players and the fandom. He has squashed some of those beefs over the years. However, some of them are still ongoing, including controversy with banned player Aziz “Hax$” Al-Yam after he made a long and slightly unhinged YouTube video about Leffen’s wrongdoings.

The Smash community has been torn about Hax$, with players feeling that he took things too far but made good points. Many people don’t want him banned, including Hax$ himself, who recently said he shouldn’t be banned any longer. He explained in a tweet that he never acted in malice.

In a since-deleted tweet, Leffen said that Hax$ never apologized and was “so fucking tired” of being consistently hated by the community. He said he’s been scared of going to every Smash event since Hax$ put out the 10-hour video.

In response to his decision to drop out of the event, some players understood why he would feel uncomfortable. The Big House 11 even tweeted that they condemned anyone who harassed him or made threats.

“Death threats have ZERO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY. This is absolutely unacceptable. I know most of these trolls don't even leave their caves, but it still doesn't excuse this kind of behavior,” the TO’s said. “Grow the fuck up, and treat people with respect even if you disagree with them.”

But other Smash fans said that they felt he was being a wimp, saying he used to be “hard” but was now avoiding anyone who doesn’t like him.