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Sometimes games just need that last bit of time in the oven before they’re ready. Gamers recently got their first look at extended gameplay for the upcoming platform fighter after 30 minutes of footage was accidentally livestreamed. Whether it’s to make time for polish, or to separate its release from other major titles, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 has been delayed from November 3rd to November 7th.

Fans have mostly had a positive reaction, with many expressing their understanding and encouraging the developers to take as much time as they need. Platform fighter fans are well versed in delays, with games like Multiversus closing off until early next year, and Rivals 2 changing its estimated release date from 2023 to late 2024. A release date only days instead of months behind schedule is a much easier pill to swallow for those on the Nick Brawl hype train.

Reaction gif of Patrick Star comforting Rocky

Feeling the Heatwave

The delay will most affect those attending Heatwave 6, a grassroots platform fighter tournament that begins on November 11th. With now only four days to practice, the event will be a pure test of fundamentals and adaptability, as NASB 2 beta testers are banned from entering. 

It appears that not all of the developers were aware of the delay until it was posted on Twitter. Ludosity developer Thaddeus Crews continues to serve as a gateway into the development team, with a meme ready for any circumstance.