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Sakurai Reveals Insane Nintendo Memorabilia Collection on YouTube

Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai made all his fans jealous in his latest YouTube video by showcasing his one-of-a-kind collection of unique Nintendo products

The creator of Super Smash Bros, Masahiro Sakurai, has continued to be an icon in the FGC, known for his hard work and dedication to the series, his inability to rest or quit, and his beloved cat (check out his Twitter account for cat content). A lot of Smash fans have become invested in Sakurai as a person over the years and were excited when he showed off some of his most prized and rare collectibles.

Sakurai recently started a YouTube channel called “Masahiro Sakurai On Creating Games” after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “ended.” With no more DLC and balances to focus on, Sakurai semi-retired and has been making some interesting and insightful videos about the games he’s created.

A recent video, “Show and Tell: Some Rare Item Belongings [Grab Bag],” has shown off some of Sakurai’s most interesting possessions. Here’s what he ended up showing fans in this interesting video.

Wii Mote with Sakurai Mii Engravement

Sakurai Wiimote

The first item Sakurai showed off was a seemingly ordinary Wii controller. On the back, however, there was a very recognizable Mii — a likeness of Sakurai himself. Nintendo gave it to him as a gift, using a laser printer to create this one-of-a-kind Wii controller.

Pit and Palutena Figure

Sakurai Pit statue

This large figure featured the two most iconic characters from Kid Icarus: Uprising. The figure ended up inspiring a giant float that was used to promote the game in 2012. There are currently only three of these figures in existence — one owned by him, one owned by the figure creator, and one owned by the parade float designer.

“It’s extremely fragile,” Sakurai admitted.


Sakurai Mario Bros Wii

While Sakurai claimed these collectibles are “not fair,” he still felt they were interesting enough to show off to Nintendo fans. Some of the autographs in his collection include a copy of the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition for the Wii with an autograph by Shigeru Miyamoto and an illustration of Palutena created by manga artist Shigeyuki Fukumitsu.

Xbox 360 Elite

Sakurai Xbox

This console seemed random at first, but Sakurai showed that it actually had a custom plate on top with his name engraved in it. He was gifted the special console from a Microsoft representative when the console first launched in 2005.

“Sadly, [my Xbox] was struck by the infamous Red Ring of Death before too long,” Sakurai admitted. “

Sega Associate Planner Certificate #4

Sakurai sega certificate

This interesting item is something Sakurai received in the 1980s after he designed a JRPG game that he submitted as a game proposal to Sega. As a result, Sakurai was able to visit Sega’s HQ in Tokyo. Even though his video game career took a major turn and he ended up working at Nintendo, Sakurai said he has often come back to Sega for a variety of things, including when Sonic was implemented into Super Smash Bros.