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Sparkling Zero Is DBZ's Newest Budokai Game

The new Budokai Tenkaichi game has been revealed with a new name - Sparkling Zero. Get details on release date and reveal at The Game Awards

One of the many games revealed at The Game Awards this year. Bandai Namco dropped our first look at the newest Budokai Tenkaichi game titled, Sparkling Zero. This new game marks the series' first iteration in over a decade, a lengthy hiatus for a game that influenced so many anime games in the 2010s.

Known as the “Sparkling” series of games in Japan, the Budokai games served as the foundation for many anime fighters that came after it like the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and Jump Force. Starting back on the PS2 in 2005, the Sparkling/Budokai games revolutionized the over-the-shoulder game camera that many anime-adapted fighters came to be known for. But since 2010, there hasn’t been a full-fledged Budokai game anywhere, and the Dragon Ball Z series converted over to 2D with the release of Dragonball Fighterz in 2018. 

When is the Release Date for Dragon Ball Sparkling Zero

Goku Blue in Sparkling Zero

In the trailer, we saw some of the most iconic battles in the Dragon Ball Z series like Goku v. Vegeta, Goku v. Freiza and more. But now there’s so much more ground for the Budokai game to cover with antagonists from the Dragon Ball Super series like Beerus, Jiren and more. There was no release information for Sparkling Zero after the trailer, but you can expect it on all major platforms.