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Street Fighter 6 players have another chance to experience the new fighting game before its launch next month.

Street Fighter 6 is coming out on June 2, 2023 but that’s not soon enough for some dedicated fighting game players. The highly anticipated game has been getting hyped up with trailers and character highlights leading up to its release.

Competitive players have been trying to get in practice before the $2 million Pro Circuit begins as well. In fact, some competitive grinders have already been banned for having illegal access to the closed beta after it ended.

Now there’s another legal opportunity to play the game ahead of its release.

When Is the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta?

The open beta will run from May 19 to 21. You will be able to play as Ryu, Chun Li, Jamie, and Kimberly.

A new game mode, Extreme Battle, will be available to try out. This mode features random events mid-match that add an extra layer of excitement to casual fights.

How to Sign Up For the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

To access the open beta, head to the Street Fighter 6 page on the store of your choice, whether it’s Steam or on a gaming console. Then simply begin the download.

Street Fighter 6 is available for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. It comes out June 2, 2023 so get ready!

When is Street Fighter 6 coming out?

We're less than a month away from the release of Street Fighter 6. As of this article, the release date is scheduled for June 2nd. 

Combo Breaker is set to take place on May 26th, and will herald the end of Street Fighter V's reign in the FGC. It will mark the final major SF V tournament before we make the switch over to Street Fighter VI.