Tekken 8 Leak Hints at Fahkumram as DLC Fighter

Is the imposing Muay Thai fighter coming to Tekken 8? Seems likely based on this source.

There was apparently a Tekken 8 character leak right in front of our eyes this whole time. Uncovered by a sharp-eyed gamer on Reddit, it looks like the credits may point to some characters that are planned for Tekken 8 in the near future.

A Reddit user recently shared a screenshot of Tekken 8's PlayStation 5 credits. The game's credits included a section for motion capture actors and support. In this paragraph, we can see Nadaka Yoshinari and Suakim, two fighters who happened to do the motion capture for Fahkumram in Tekken 7.

Is Fahkumram Coming to Tekken 8?

Fahkumram Tekken leak

Fahkumrm was added to the fray in Tekken 7, announced at the Tekken World Tour 2019 as the fifth DLC fighter of Season Pass 3. He is a Muay Thai fighter that's part of the Thai military but wants to regain his freedom. He's tall, imposing, and stoic but seems to be humble and honorable.

When Tekken 8 was released, Fahkumram was not on the starting roster. He also hasn't been part of any DLC so far, which has left many gamers frustrated. The FGC has shared that it feels a bit strange to have a fighting game without any Muay Thai fighters.

It has not been confirmed that Fahkumram is coming to Tekken 8 but the credits have left players hopeful. The motion capture artists are quite a good sign and you can also see a Muay Thai gym mentioned in the Motion Capture Cooperation section.

The leaker also pointed out that there's a Capoeira gym in the Motion Capture Cooperation list. This would most likely be for Eddy, the first DLC announced and released for Tekken 8 after promising leaks. This further has players convinced that the credits point to the eventual release of Fahkumram as a DLC fighter.

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